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  1. a guy is selling his 03 cobra for 17,000...its got 105,000 miles on it...and this is what this guy wrote....003 Mustang Cobra SVT SUPERCHARGED Terminator DOHC V8, Mineral Gray Metallic, 6 speed. 105,130 highway miles, original owner. 472 rear wheel hp & 483 rw torque (dyno chart available). Fully loaded. THIS CAR IS EXTREMELY FAST. SVT production certificate & dealer sticker, excellent condition, MANY upgrades, over $6,000 invested, always garaged, top-quality fluids & filters, fanatically well maintained, non-smoker, rarely driven in the rain. ADDITIONS- Steada TriAx shifter; New clutch, pressure plate, flywheel and throw-out bearing at 40k miles; SFP 2.80 Dial-A-Boost interchangeable supercharger pulley (includes extra bolt-on 2.93 pulley & supercharger belts); Gords Ford High Capacity Heat Exchanger; UPR Cold-Air intake, custom heat-shielded; CUSTOM DYNO TUNED by Danny Swanson: Autologic dual-option chip (91 octane & 50% race gas options), Wet Okoli seat covers (blue/black w/SVT logo; this is the original template car; prior to the pictures, the seat covers have been on the car from 1k miles until just removed for the pictures at 105,110 miles); FULL Bassani exhaust- X-pipe w/bolt-in bullet high-flow cats (plus bolt-in cat-delete pipes); NEW complete differential housing, cap, & bearings (less than 2k miles, due to leaking housing); Billetflow IRS brace & high-flow single blade throttle body; NEW Traclok differential; NEW 3.73 gears; NEW fuel filter (changed every 35k miles) NEW SVT Intercooler pump; system flushed & refilled with Redline water wetter, coolant & distilled water. NEW front rotors and pads (less than 200 miles); Nitto 315 Drag Radials rear & BFG KDW front; GOOD tread; Maximum Motorsports weld-in sub-frame connectors, driveshaft safety loop, IRS grip-in-a-box (all new suspension bushings at 96k miles), 14mm IRS bolts; All factory service bulletins completed; Pre-wired for Valentine radar detector & remote display.

    is it worth it to get dad is looking for another car...maybe i can get him to get this one..
  2. IMO I would say no, I have seen plenty of 03 Cobras with 40,000 miles or so for 18,000-21,000. I also would prefer not to buy one with alot of mods already on the car, but maybe thats just me. Now if you can talk him down to around 15,000 or 15,500 then maybe but that is alot of miles for a 03 Cobra.
  3. so basically search on...hahaha..I think i'll do seemed a little too good to be true.haha
  4. I don't mean to make it seem like it is a bad deal but for $2,000 more you can get one with 60,000 less miles, that seems worth the extra money to me.
  5. Too many miles imo, & with all those mods, u know its been beat on....I would look for one with under 50k miles, but unfortunatley they still fetch big $$$ when the mileage is low....
  6. hey while we're on this topic....can anyone find me a 03/04 cobra for 16000 or less??
  7. who cares if its got 107k on the clock


    if it hasnt blown up after 107k it wont for the next 150k!

    talk him down to $15k or so and call it a day
  8. Forged doesnt = indestructable.

    Im sure youll see many terminator 4.6's crap out with normal mileage (over 100k, but not excessive) over time because theyve had the poop beaten out of them. Theyll just hold up alot longer under the same abuse as a non forged motor.
  9. I know terminators are [email protected]$$, & they have the most potential of all late model stangs, but 17k for over 100k miles is crazy...they are grossly overpriced imo...I paid 20k for my Mach about a year ago, & it only had 30k on it....Terminator prices are about as ridiculous as fox body prices....U could get an 05 GT with very very low miles for that price...The funny thing is, an 03-04 GT with over 100k on the odometer would sell for only 7-8k...:notnice:
  10. You could find a low mileage 01 Cobra or mach1 with for around 15k. Then go and buy a mongoose kit for $3,500 and you can beat a 03/04 cobra.
  11. Excellent advice right there!!!!:D :nice:

  12. Not true by a long shot.....

    I would have to agree with the majority. I would wait for something better.

  13. But if you can talk him down 2K, then rebuild it within 30K then I would do it. You would really have to spend some time with the car and check everything to make sure its tight. Even see if he would agree to a shop checking it out. With special tools and test equipment they would find anything out of specs/play, and boroscope it. For 15 and some change and a clean title and mechanically sound, I would do it. But then again if you want for do more mods to yourself, then hold out for a 04 with less miles.
  14. I kinda disagree with the majority. For 15-16k I think its a good deal, not smoking, but good. One owner car says alot, and if he has all the maint. records with a car that is stored inside and cared for enough to not be used in bad weather is a good car. Ford tests the hell out of our motors and if it was not abused it will still go strong. My Cobra has 114XXX on it and runs like a champ and it WAS abused with a Vortech T-trim on it (wish it still had it when I bought it :() Drive it and have a mechanic check it out- here is something to think about, the clutch was changed 65,000 miles ago. If it does not slip at all then that would be a pretty good indication the car was not beat on, none of our clutches will last half that long if you are racing it all the time. 105K at constant highway speeds is like 35k of city driving.
    Just my .02 :shrug: