your opinions on engine (stroker) plans....

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  1. I have been out of mustangs for a few years. I actually havent been to the strip in probably 5 years with my car. I have had the same mustang for 16 years.

    Now my 16 year old son has indicated that he has an interest in cars and learning how they work. Well, this gives me an excuse to spend some money.

    Here are my plans. This plan includes using some or most of what i already have.

    331 or 347 - around 10 to 1 comp
    twisted wedge heads - unsure if i am going to get them ported. If i did it would be through foxlake if i cant find someone local.
    custom cam - unsure who i would go through for this. undecided
    ported track heat intake or change to tfs r
    30lb injectors
    70mm throttle body
    76mm maf
    1 3/4 longtubes
    3190 lbs with me in the car.

    With the above parts on an untouched 160k mile 302 with stage 1 cam it goes 12.7's at 109.

    I am not changing heads. either box stock twisted wedge or them ported, no afr's

    anyone have any idea of the hp difference between ported and unported heads on this kind of setup? if porting the heads would definitely put me over 400 rwhp, then i will do it.

    would i see 350 rwhp with unported heads?

    Any major components that you would change, besides the heads?
  2. You can make 400+ with UNported twisted wedge heads. Your plans sound near identical to what I have had for the past 5 years. I recently swapped from a TFS-R to a Victor efi intake.

    Go with a 347 over the 331. They cost the same and the 347 will make more across the board.

    My car made 371hp on a MUSTANG dyno (they read 5-10% lower than dynojets) before the intake swap and I had it tuned a little too rich. I'd guess it would make around 415-420hp now on a dynojet. The 30lb injectors are 100% maxed out.
  3. if i remember correctly we were doing H/C/I about the same time a number of years ago.

    What cam are you using? Anything exotic in your setup? What rpm is your peak hp at?
  4. It peaked at 6,100 with the tfs-r but died off after 6,500. I am using a fairly aggressive FTI custom cam. Nothing too abnormal: I have titanium retainers, 11:1 compression, aluminum flywheel, ultra light I beam rods.

    The victor should raise the peak and let my combo make usable power to 7,000.
  5. Just so i know we are on the same page. You are using twisted wedge heads circa say 2003? 170cc intake runners?
  6. I am using unported 170cc twisted wedge heads. They were freshened up a couple years ago, milled to 55cc, good valve springs and titanium retainers.
  7. What brand rotating assembly do you run? is it 5.315" or 5.400" rod?
  8. Scat cast crank, probe ultra light I beam rods and probe pistons. I went with the 5.315" rods ONLY because at the time I was doing this the 5.4" rods I wanted were on back order. Go with the 5.4".

    Rick91GT built the shortblock and shipped it to me. RNH Performance -Street and Race Engines, Custom Fabrication
  9. Let me start off by saying that this is my PERSONAL OPINION!!! I have had blown 302’s 2-347’s and My first one I ever built (351 Cleveland) I must say the 351 has had the crap kicked out of it I have torn it down 4 times. This motor won’t die. I have transplanted it into 3 cars and, I have always had a 100 shot on it (used in moderation) and nothing inside is burnt out. I have also never had any scoring that can’t be repaired. Don’t get me wrong they require maintenance and TLC just like any good motor, but I this thing has been beaten like Keith Richard’s! and if you saw the way my N/A 347 blew you would think twice!:nice:
  10. Id go 75mm TB and a 95MM PMAS Velocity meter with a 4" inlet pipe. The 30# injector will be OK, Id rather have to deal with a 30# then a 38#+...I assume you'll have it tuned, chip or other.

    The TFS heads will need upgraded springs if I were doing a custom cam for that combo, the stockers just wont take it....

    If I can help let me know....