your opinions on my dd. keep 01 grand cherokee or get 06-08 f150?

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  1. 6.0 have been out long enough that any problems they had when they were new probably arent an issues anymore, the 6.0s make tons more power than the 7.3 with very little supporting mods, heads studs and a tune and you are good to go, but if you want all our reliability then 7.3 hands down
  2. Yea well head studs isnt exactly a "minor" problem, and your gonna have to basically lift the cab off of the frame to get them done.
  3. I thought it was the 7.3 diesel that was the craptastic one, not the 6.0????
  4. nope. there the best. IMO the pre 99 7.3's with an intercooler setup make better power.
  5. nope, we've done head studs without pulling the body completely off
  6. well they can be, changed the spider to a pre 99.5 design and some other stuff and you can make big power