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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 87_5.0, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Can anyone please tell me what i should get for my 87 Mustang. So far i have exhaust, intake, gears, tri ax shifter, clutch cable, k&N, Distributor, plugs and wires. I want something to give me more power, but i dont want to spend much, any suggestions? I was thinking about pullies, but i hear bad things. :shrug: thanks,

  2. How about a little detail. When you say intake and exaust, do you mean a cold air kit and catback, or do you have headers and a different intake manifold? Pullies? good bang for the buck but what alternator do you have, what accesories do you run?

    Heads and lower intake are the biggest bottlenecks.
  3. i have hooker headers, Flowmaster Mufflers, cold air intake, x-pipe, i have the stock alternator. I usually use my CD Player/ Radio, i rarely ever use A/C.
  4. Dump the A/C, that's a free mod not sure how much power it would give as AC systems don't take power unless you're using it. But I bet it would save a few pounds. Take apart the interior and remove all that tar stuff from the floor boards, another few pounds. Removing weight is cheap and effective.
  5. When you say flowmaster mufflers, you mean 2.5 in catbacK? If not start there.

    Do the pullies.

    Are your intentions to keep it SD?
  6. I disagree with dumping the A/C, keep it until the car is rarely driven or is a race car. There's not enough weight there to make any difference on the street.
  7. how about a throttle body or mass air meter? do you ever go to the track? if so, some type of sticky tire works great.
  8. I agree with what was said above, go for the pulleys, if you have any problems, take them off. I had them on my '87 and I never had any problems. Also keep the A/C, I made the mistake of taking it off a long time ago while it was still working and have regreted ever since. Instead of getting rid of the A/C, ditch the smog pump. Another easy mod you could do is an electric fan, it frees up a little power. I did the pulleys and fan the same time on my car and it made it rev up faster and I did notice a little difference in performance, also it can increase gas mileage, although it didn't in my case. Also an aluminum driveshaft may free up a little power and replace old u joints at the same time and take away any high vibrations with the gears. Just a few suggestions off the top of my head, hope it helps.
  9. as stated above, the aluminum driveshaft is a really cheap and easy mod which also replaces your worn out U joints at the same time. You can get them for $150-175
  10. I say do the pullies. I have them and my car has no problems. However, I do have a higher amp alt.
  11. hehe People like me don't need AC, hot for like a week then it's -30 for (what feels like) 11.3 months... Damn Canada!
  12. Thanks a lot for the info guys, you gave me some good ideas. 2000xp8, yes i do plan on keeping it street drivin.

  13. And if all else fails,theres aways laughing gas :nice: