Your Personal Least Favorite Mustang Repair

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  1. As the title says. What is your least personal repair on a Mustang or, what job irritates you the most?

    I would have to say doing springs (aftermarket or putting stock ones back in) or front control arm bushings. I don't know why. I can do both of those jobs fast but, they just irritate the crap out of me.
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  2. Anything involving the removal that danged 3rd starter bolt...
  3. Life is to short to do exhaust work.
  4. ^ What he said or anything electrical. I just hate electrical work, it's not my strong point. Rewiring things etc.
  5. By far and away...rust repair. Just when you think you've cut it all out, you see just a hint more and continue...
  6. I hate all repairs.
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  7. times 10
    But if I had to choose is re greasing the rear brake's slide pins thats b/c I have not changed the starter yet. Older I get the more I wanna pay people to work on my car.
  8. So far I would have to go with the E Brake cable with the rear brakes. That combo never wants to budge going on or off.
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  9. Changing the starter, that is the worst pain in the a** to do for a 2v Mustang.
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  10. Axles/rearend....the smell of used gear oil. Makes ya miss the ford 9"
  11. Anything to do with coolant.
  12. Ha, kinda funny: I've spent all of this past day swapping out the rear gears/differential/axles, etc. Not quite done yet, but I'll finish it up tomorrow easily.

    I've never messed with a rear end before, and was a little weary of doing this myself, but so far it's not turned out to be too bad. It's taking a while, as does almost everything the first time through, but it really hasn't been hard or frustrating in any way (yet). Fingers crossed.

    The smell of that old oil is terrible, though.
  13. Haha, guess who had to put new front control arm bushings on yesterday?
  14. Try it on a 4V with longtubes
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  15. installing the dipstick on a 4v. You have to unbolt the motor mount and tilt the motor a bit to get that sucker in there.
  16. Don't know about anyone else, but if you ever have attempted putting "economy" old school headers(flangeless) on a car with clearance issues, that chalks right up there with least favorite things to tackle. Had 3 different friends come and go over the course of a weekend, and it took the whole weekend(each one giving up after 5-6 hrs) to get just 2 bolts in driver side that wouldn't clear pipes or head studs/caps. Had issues even with a one off custom $800 ceramic set from unmentioned vendor as well.
  17. Transmission fluid is the devil... Enough said!
  18. You too? I thought that was just me.

  19. Gear oil is nasty. Doing a pinion seal in my garage was painful.
  20. Any job that I have to do and did not choose nor want to do. Or anything involving brake fluid, trans fluid, or coolant.