your preference..coupe..fastback .or conv

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  1. all coupes for me..\
    fastbacks look fast..
    coupes look cool
    conv are breezy
  2. For years I have stated that my "fun" car will always be a convertible.
    I could never understand why anyone wouldn't want the cool factor of the drop top. And as auctioneers always say:
    When the top goes down the price goes up"
    However this time around I decided to go with a fasback.
    IMHO the Fastback looks racier..
    My reasons for not buying a convertible are as follows:
    Lighter weight
    Less body flex/more solid feel.(I still have SFC's)
    Rarely is the weather ideal for top down driving. To hot/to cold.
    Tired of passengers ****in about the wind. (never bothered me?)
    So I guess the moral of the story is never say never.
    On the other hand my fun car will always be a stick!
  3. i dont think ill ever be able to afford a fastback, and chicago weather isnt good enough for a vert :(
  4. i go with fastback cause i have one and all the top rare mustangs with the big engine packages are fastback mostly.... but i cant rule out any of the others.. ive seen some really nice coupes at shows that i wish i had and then sometimes on those nice days you always wish you had a vert... if only they made a push button which will change your car to whatever you want it to be... lol....but as long as you have a mustang most people will think your lucky....
  5. Drop top. Nothing beats it for pure driving pleasure. I wanted a convertible, preferably V8 with rear wheel drive.

    Not too many options out there, so here I am.

    Now I am on several forums and see the stuff you can do to mod one and it is amazing. Almost as many options for mods as my Road King Custom.
  6. Different years.

    65-66 1. Fastbacks, 2. Coupe/ Verts
    67-68 1. Fastbacks 2. Coupe 3. Vert
    69-70 1. Sportsroof 2. Vert (hate coupes)
    71-73 1. Fastback 2. Vert (hate coupes)
  7. Not sure why people seem to hate the 69 and 70 coupes. As coupes go, they are my favorite.

    I prefer fastbacks of all vintage years. I quit coveting converts years ago with my first motorcycle.
  8. Fastbacks first
    Coupes second
    Convertibles dead last
  9. i would take all three..just give me the funds..for the fun
  10. Topless. Nothing but Topless. All Topless. Topless. Nothing else matters!
  11. I love my convertible but I think when I buy my C5 vet it will be a hardtop. I'm going to do all the crazy things that I always had to much sense to do in my old stang one I get the vet. Of course that doesn't leave to much.
  12. i'm pretty partial to the 69 coupes, never was a big fan of the 70 coupes though since they brought the c-pillar and the quarter flush and lost the body line there they also did away with the style line on the rear quarter behind the wheel well. without those lines they always looked too plain to me.

    my dream is to one day own every bodystyle of the 69 GT's and each available GT engine. so right now i have a 351 GT coupe, that just leaves a 428 fastback and a 390 vert. :D
  13. I like 'em all...

    Call me a Mustang whore!
  14. no chepie i think you're wrong there. you can do that in a car with t-tops or a big sunroof as well. besides if you have t-tops or a sunroof you have less chance of getting caught looking up :D

  15. First, since your kids took off for the wilds of Nuevo Mehico, you've really turned into a leg-humper! Keep up the good work! :nice:

    On the other hand; I don't care what kind of a convertible it is; You sitting on the deck in a bikini is the absolute very LAST thing I want to see :puke:

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  16. I prefer coupes cause they're the cars keeping the hobby affordable. Most people want fastbacks and 'verts, but the coupes are good looking cars too, and most of us are just content to have a classic Mustang. If I could afford a nice fastback, I'd probably have two coupes instead, my '66 and a '67/'68.
  17. I'll have to find the pic of my old 68 in action during a "Miss English Leather" pageant... And then there were the New Jersey Generals Cheerleaders.....
  18. BTW, I don't have the legs for a bikini......
  19. hmm,what would I choose........oh yeah fastback pre 71'