Your preference on Dot drag tires (not nitto or BFG)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by wrathchild, Feb 15, 2004.


Your preference on DOT drag tires and why.

  1. MT ET streets

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  2. Hoosier Quick Time Pro Drag D.O.T.

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  3. M&H D.O.T. Drag

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  1. Which are/would you use?
  2. i had the ET streets. they worked really good in the street. never used them at the track(i have slicks for the track). the only thing that i didnt like about them is that, the 2 sets that i did own i only got about 5k-6k miles out of them.
  3. M/T hook way better than the hoosiers or the M & H D.O.T tire
  4. just drive around on slicks.
  5. et streets for me
  6. I have been using the same set of Et streets for 2 years now. I keep them on the car all summer, and drive on them all the time. I have been to the track over a dozen times with them. They hook real good at the track. How this 12psi in them, and leave at 6000 just sliping the foot of the clucth. With no spining and getting a 1.6s and 1.7s 60fts. So I think they work real well. best 60 ft on them was a 1.675. Going to get a new set this spring.
  7. I have a mostly stock motor and just put on some Nittos.Its a good riding tire,and if you heat them,the tires "wont spin"!! Remember my motors stock! It suppose to get 15,000 miles on them,I like em,they work :nice:
  8. My vote is for the ET Streets. with a set of 28 x 13.5's best 60 ft has been a 1.33.

  9. MMMMM if i only i could see that kinda of time.