Your project cost?

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  1. Just wondering how much we're all spending on our babies.....
    I tallied up what I REMEMBER that I bought in the last 3 years...
    I'm sure there's tons of stuff I forgot but for the main parts of the car....
    I've blown $12969 and she's not even painted yet! :eek:
    I still have to buy the paint from work so I get a break on that (work at Oreilly's) but I am paying a guy $1500 to do the spraying and bumper repair I can't do. Still need an Optima, billet battery cage, and door panels....
    Good thing my wife never asks what I've bought:rlaugh:

    So how much have you spent?
  2. the cardinal rule of "never ever ever add up all the receipts" has not been broken at my house..

    my guess would be in the 6-8 range... maybe a lil higher...

    i still want to recover the seats, new carpet, build a 351 and swap a 5 speed or t56... one day
  3. $OUCH
  4. Last time I Added up the spending on the '91 it was depressing. Car wasn't very fast or all that nice and I was in it pretty deep. This time around I'm doing 99% of the project myself, doing a lot of shopping and no impulse buying. I've got a goal in mind that might seem ridiculous to most but I'm trying to stick to it this time around.

    It's amazing how much you can save doing the work yourself and doing a hell of a lot of research and bargaining. I've always gone with the "add up what you plan to spend and double it" method though so we'll see.
  5. Yea, I've spent $WAYTOOMUCH.01

    Do tell! I'm all about the ridiculous.
  6. I did this one day and after adding up all the differnt wheels/tires, trannys, motors, nitrous kits, and other misc stuff I've changed over the years I've spent well over 14k.. Granted i made some of that money back selling parts I'm not using but still thats a chunk of change for the shell and pile of parts I've got in my garage now.. lol.
  7. I've had my car 13 years...needless to say i've spent a lot
  8. I have a pile of reciepts, at one time I had and idea but I lost track. I have no ambition or desire to add them up since I already know I have spent a heap of cash with just finishing up on the resto project. although I did pretty good with my agreed value policy with grundy, I wont totally loose my shirt if something happened so I feel better.
  9. My 93 has been with me over 15 years, I dont know how I have managed to keep it stock!

    Just oil and gas :)
  10. I've only had my 93 for a little over a year but I've spent about $5k total including the purchase price and it's still pretty much stock with a junk paint job...
  11. right now I got about 3,600 in parts and repairs. I Keep it tallied up on a piece of paper every time I buy a part or dump money into it. When I do the top end to the car I am sure that the price is going to bump up about a thousand dollars quickly. Gaskets, Camshaft, and a tune are things that i know for sure i will need and that doesn't even include stuff that i may need but don't know it yet.
  12. My car had tons of work done to it when i bought it. Tfs heads cobra intake 76mm turbo msd 7al-2 box electric turbo controllers 55lb injectors etc etc etc i was told almost 30 into it for the original build cost. I bought it for 8000.00 spent another 1000.00 for street wheels and tires so i could take the slicks and skinneys off. not a terrible deal i thought until i turned my V8 into two four cylinders:( So now im going to be into my new 331 dart shp a little more than 5000.00. So yeah quite a bit in this thing 14000.00 out of my pocket since January but should be a frigging beast when its done:D
  13. Don't add it up.... it will depress you. I used to always wonder how someone could have $30K into a car, until I did add it all up with my old car. My car wasn't all that, and I had not spent $30K, but it was too much.

    Don't even get me started about time and effort.....
  14. i refuse to add it up...
  15. Umm spent way more than the car is worth...I will never add it up. Never EVER! I enjoy what I do to modify my stang for speed, performance and looks. You can’t buy that!

  16. 10s on $5k. I can do all the fab work myself (cage, subframes, etc). Already have engine/trans but that's included in the $5k. If I go over so be it, but I think it'd be cool to try.
  17. I'm at around $40k, I think. I add everything up, and don't have any regrets. I'm never going to sell it, and it will never be a finished product. If it makes it as long as I do, then I'm sure it'll eventually be in the triple digits. Stuff adds up fast when you replace everything with the best aftermarket parts available.
  18. I currently own four Capris.

    Capri #1- bought it for $2,200 + maintenance, exhaust, tires and a sound system invested in it.
    Capri #2- bought it for $2,700 + maintenance, wheels/tires, seats and sound system invested in it.
    Capri #3- bought it for $4,200 + resto-modded... have around $12,000 invested in it so far.
    Capri #4- bought it for $1,000 + resto-modded... have a little over $30,000 invested in it so far... and it doesn't have an interior or sound system installed yet.

    I guess it's safe to say I've got a small fortune wrapped up in my "hobby".
  19. I wont add all my receipts. The last I did that I was staring at over 10k and like you I hadnt even painted the car yet.. Ive probably spent 2k on the 95. Im sticking to that # regardless of truth.
  20. Its surprising when u add it up but I was curious. Pretty much the only thing I kept on the car from its original state is the main body itself. Everything else has been changed or at least modified. Damn expensive but seeing her alive again after 4 years almost brings a tear to my eye