Roush Your Saleen Video!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by saleensc281, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. 3.55 gears, Magnaflow X w/cats, Chicane Pulley, 255 fuel pump and a Superchip. At the moment, something isn't right with it. While it ran the 13.19 last fall, today the best it would do in the crappy air at Englishtown was 14.15 at 97. The MPH difference really bothers me... last time it was on a dyno, the A/F was 10:01 all the way to redline so something has apparently changed. I talked to Jim III from JDM this afternoon and I'm going to get the car over there in the next couple of weeks for a re-tune.

    Biggest problem is E-town will only let me run 13.5, Cecil never said a word to me about no rollbar.
  2. 10:01 A/F is WAY Rich. That is killing your hp. you need an 11:5 or around there. Something is wrong.
  3. Great thread keep em coming... :cheers:

  4. I just went up against a 02Gt convertible Bone Stock Except for a Volant CAI and it went 14.7 @97......You having a Supercharger, Plus all those other mods youve gotta Be trapping 105 in the 13's