Your Small Pet Peeves

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  1. Well we've all got them, small things that just get at us about our cars. I doubt my car will ever be "perfect" where i can wash it and stand back and think, theres nothing that needs to be done. I'm not talking about mods, just little things that get at you.

    I'll start the list:

    1. Underbody Rust, Underhood Rust
    -My car came from Northern Indiana, and i hate the fact that theres some rust on the underside of my car, and some under the hood. Once of these days I'm going to fix it.

    2. Minor Scratches in the Paint
    -I dont have any scratches, I'm talking about the scratches that just come with age. My paint looks good until its under flouresent lighting, then the imperfections really come out. Once of these days I'll get a good paint job, or wetsand the car.

    3. Dirty Wheel Wells
    -No matter how hard I scrub or what cleaners I use, I cant seem to get the wheel wells looking good. I'd like to take them out one day, clean them, and paint them flat black. Another thing on the giant list of things to do.
  2. I hate the factory engine bay paint. Mine is almost an army green color on the sides by the headers and the air cleaner area.. I want to yank the engine and repaint the engine bay sometime.
  3. For one it's slow as balls, and at night in yellow light my hood and rear bumper along with the saleen tails are darker black than the car. I also have a very minor key mark on the left rear quarter, barely noticable though. I have road rash on the bumper and rockers, which will be resprayed very soon along with the backside of the trunk. After the motor crap gets done with mine she'll get a new paint job with ghost flames.
  4. -rattles/noises (good thing i dont have any :D )

    -dirty windows
    -crappy fake wheel center caps :(
    -4x4 stance
  5. My tensioner like to cheep..cheep..cheep like a mofo til I douche it with WD40 like 4 times a year..
    RRs aren't as quiet as I'd like...and my thermo housing likes to leak that green stank all over... :bang:
  6. - my stock rims
    - my 4x4 stance
    - my 225 wheels
    - when the windshield is dirty
    - a little chip on my front bumper
    - how my tail pipes sort of tilt downwards instead of sticking straight out (that really kills me)
    - dirty wheel wells, even after you've tried to clean them
    - my un tinted windows
    - my cheap plastic floormats (lol)
    - squashed bugs on front bumper and front of rear spoiler
    - dirty mirrors
    - how my doors are a totally different shade of white at night (only in pictures)
    - my exhaust (only when I have a headache)

    Damn I never knew I hated so many things about my car. :(
  7. Mine have pretty much been listed here already.
  8. I bought mine as a project with 130k on it for $1200 so I didnt expect much but I don't like:
    Black and whatever color brown ford called that interior
    Tribars but they are kind of sleeper lookin
    The dent on the d/s door
    Factory stereo
    The tint I have to take off with a heat gun off the back window (like two years old and bubbling)
    Oh yeah and its an AUTO
  9. I agree 1000% with the whole stock tips being slanted downward, i forgot that but its one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

    and i also agree with nik's comment about our cars being sooooo slow :(
  10. oh ya, the super tall antenna and puny tailpipes

    BTW-my antenna is shortened :nice:
  11. ya, the antenna doesnt bother me at much and my tailpipes dont really bother me because i have them cleaned and polished and the size doesn't bother me, just the fact that they are angled down does.
  12. ah, yes....i remember having to rip that crap off, it was all purple and stuff :nonono:
  13. three major ones:
    1. being interrupted while im working on the car.
    2. ford tan interior ( i hate mine!!!) that will change when i get the chance.
    3. having to rig my car to work till i can order or go get a certain part (my mass air till i get my power pipe cause the stock inlet tube and an 80mm pro-m dont math up).
  14. -Rust
    -Brake dust
    -Unremovable stickers on sunvisors that say this car has an airbag or whatever it says
    -Hoods that have to be slammed just to latch.Does anyone else have this problem?Or is it just the 4 fords I own? :shrug:
  15. haha me 2
  16. You may already know this, but just get a hair dryer and get the window nice and hot. Peel the tint off. Mine came off in one nice piece. It still will leave some glue krap on there. Then I took some Ammonia based Windex type glass cleaner and some 0000 steel wool and went at it. Squirt liberal amounts of Windex and use the steel wool like you would a paper towel if you were cleaning the window. Finish up with newspaper and windex. I did all of the windows in my car in less than 30 minutes. Clean as a whistle.
  17. The little dings in the sides of the car left by A__holes in parking lots.

    "One of these days... POW! right in the kisser!" :mad:

    Now that I'm getting older ;-)... Getting in and out of my car with it lowered is harder.

    The throttle "tip in" is sort of lagging. In other words it seems like you have to press the throttle farther down than what should be normal to get the engine to tach up. In my wife's 04 V8 Grand Cherokee for instance, you hardly even have to touch the throttle and that damn thing jumps off the line.

    Hopefully this issue will be resolved in a few weeks with the 3.73's and all the other goodies I'm putting on .
  18. dings on doors
    rattling (need subframes) and various other squeaks and clanks
    tan interior
    rock/bug/crack/ding marks on hood and front bumper
  19. 1) I have a small little dent on my front drivers fender from some drunk guy trying to show off in a bar parking lot.
    2) I have a smaller dent in my front passenger fender (barely noticeable to anyone but myself) from some angry guy (that was myself) while trying to get out my last sparkplug out on that side of the car. (you'd be surprised how easy it is to dent those fenders)
    3) My tailpipes that stick out too far.
    4)With my drop job, it's impossible to fit any kind of regular jack under my car.
    5) Road wear on the front bumper, getting painted soon with new front bumper anyway.
    6)A little spot on my passenger window, where the tint got scratched.

    That's it.
  20. My pet peeves:

    Rides rough (needs some new struts and bushings)

    Need some body work done on the back rear driver side quarterpanel (hit by previous owner).

    Overheats at idle (Need DCC controller with Ramchargers fan setup and an overflow tank).

    A/C doesn't blow cold enough :bang: (Needs recharged and coverted to R134a)

    Not enough leg room for me or passengers in back seat (I'm 6 ft. 3" at 205lbs...)

    A couple interior pieces don't work (sunvisor lights, want a cd surrounding case, and some rattles).

    I have 151k (daily driver) on the car and want to get another vehicle so I can get more aggressive with my setup.

    I'm poor and need a new job to get these covered (it is pending) :nice: