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  1. Post pics. of your mustangs stance.(Ride Height)
    -include information on your wheels & suspension.

    *hopefully we can get lots of pics. on this thread:nice:
  2. Wheels: Torque Thrust II 15x7 with 3.75 BS
    Tires: 205-60 Front 225-60 Rear
    Suspension: 620's with 1/2 coil cut and HD leafs with 1.5" lowering block
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  4. Just curious...why is it that I can't see pics posted in threads? Is there a setting I need to change somewhere?
  5. 17x8 Bullitts
    Reverse eye 4.5's, Shelby drop, coil-1/2 off stock springs (too low for wider tires)

    I need to take newer pics since it settled down. These were taken right after it was jacked up.

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  6. So how many weeks are you going to 'almost ready to order' your wheels and tire?

    Just wondering?

  7. [​IMG]

    235/45-17 Falkens on 17 x 8 Raceline GT's with 5" backspace, 7/32" spacer on the fronts to clear upper ball joints, rolled fenders, 1" Shelby drop, Maier Racing "realigned" UCA's, progressive rate "one inch lowering" coil springs with about 1/2 coil cut, Maier 4.5 leafs.

    I live out in the country, good shot for a crappy backgroud

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  9. haha!!! i see a little rubber on those rear quarters!!!


    14x5" W/ 195x75 front and 205x75 rear

    Ill post some pics when i get my new rims and tires:

    14x4 torque thrust D's
    205x60 front
    225x60 rear
  10. as soon as i'm done with the t5 swap i'll post it... right now its about 6 inches off the ground at all corners so it doesn't look too good :)
  11. Threads with pictures rule!

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    17x8-4.75" B.S. 235/45 17. 1" UCA drop. Cut front springs. Stock rear height. Rear lips rolled due to Fox 8.8"
    There's more stuff on the web page in my sig.
  12. Im asuming that your asking me.
    Once I see the stance Im going for and find out what backspace I need, Ill order.
  13. leftside.jpg

    sorry for the ugly background

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  14. Well...I was at the drag strip, and those are my drag radials, and I had just run a 12.3; so I would expect to have a little rubber on the ole quarters ;)
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  16. beautiful car!

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  17. Yea, there are some beautiful cars in this thread!

  18. PLEASE post some current pics. really interested to see how low you are!:nice:
  19. [​IMG]
    On the street, 14X7 Minilite wheels. Tires are 225/60/14 up front, 245/60/14 out back.

    On the track, 16X8 #48 VWW. Tires are 225/50/16 up front, 245/45/16 out back.