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  1. Yes it is, obviously it's the one that doesn't accept the bumper. Got it at Mustangs Plus
  2. 17x8 17x9.5 245 45 17 ,275 40 17 shelby drop with 620's with 2/3 coil cut, no rubbing.

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  3. first time trying to post a pic,
    hopefully this works

    1" shelby drop, Global West 620 fronts with 1/2 coil removed, Global West 160lbs. (?) rear leafs, 245/40/17 front tires, 275/40/17 rear tires. PSE 17" Trans-Am style wheels
    TCP Manual Rack, TCP strut rods, Global West Upper & Lower arms, Sub frame connectors, Rollerized spring perch,

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  4. 225/45/17's on 8x17's 4.25" bs, coilovers
    315/35/17's on 11x17's 5.5" bs Mini tub, coilovers

    Not tucked as tight as some here.


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  5. Very sweet dude.

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  6. i bet you hardly every drive that?
  7. Not as nice as most of your but i'm working on it.

    620 front coils stock 5leafs, kyb shocks.

    Need: shelby drop, reverse eye rear leafs, and 17" TT2's.



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  8. Today I pulled along side a Corvette with the license plate NEVRL8 doing 80 something, pulled it down to 4th. We hammered. When he caught up, he gave me the thumbs up. And then a Ford truck caught up. Traffic. We hammered again. Vette finally caught up, never saw the truck again. I pulled off.

    I do drive it!
  9. And I bet you love every second of it!!! NICE CAR
  10. I gotta take a few new pics, but here is the stance at least.


  11. Im in the "process" of getting 17x8 cobra r's which means im all but sure on what I want but I am putting it off till spring because of the the granada swap and shelby drop I am planning as well. Oh and in the spring I will have a house with a garage.

    Anyways heres my car on 14 x 7 torino GT wheels


    And here it is with some 17 x 8 2000 cobra wheels on the back
    They really don't do much for the car

  12. My 68 Coupe, just added 225x70x14" white lettered tires since I took this pick, squeezed them on the 14"x 6" Alloy Z wheels that came w/ it for now and got thru inspection. Only had the car about 6 weeks now so haven't done much yet.

    Eventually will be looking for 14x8 deeper dish rear wheels and will stay around the 14x6-7" for front, will be looking up to see if Cragar makes a 4 lug classic SS wheel soon, that's been my fav. wheel for 30 plus years now.

    Plan on raising rear up about 2"-3", front about 1"
    Have the 4 lug hubs so not to many options for me here, she'll look great when I add my touch to her soon enough though.

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  13. Here is mine. Still at the body shop though. Ron Morris front with 5 leaf mid eye rear springs. 17" front 18's in the back.


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  14. 68 stance

    granted its dirty, and its dark in the shop, but here's my baby:


    and i am getting around to painting those drums painted. in fact i just finished one or two tonight.
  15. My stuff is laid out:


    It's close. Real close. At least it's all one color. And rollin' hard on 5" polyurethane wheels.

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  16. [​IMG]

    1" drop, 620" coils in front (but somehow dropped it 2"), 1" drop 5 leafs in back and 1" drop blocks.

    Wheels are OE Concepts 18x9 bullitts, 245/35/18's all around, 275's will be going in back though
  17. Here are some shots of mine when I tried to use 245's up front..Didnt work and it now has 225's
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  18. [​IMG]

    Front: TCP Coil-overs, 17x8" 4.5 BS. 245/45-17
    Rear: Stock leaf springs, 17x8" 4.5 BS. 245/45-17
  19. help posting photos

    All the photos I try to post say they are to big, related to file size
    how can I resize or post somehow?