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  1. Doesn't your computer have a program to resize them? Double click one of your saved pics, then right click on it, do you see EDIT in the lineup?, that's what you want to use.
  2. Here is mine
  3. Stance

    Here is mine. Sorry for the double post.

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  4. [​IMG]
    I can't wait to push it off the car lift and take some pics of it outside. I need to get the subframes welded in and some other stuff.
    Its a martz chassis front and rear suspension with adjustable coilovers in the front and rear. The rear has a 4 link. I believe right now the adjustable coilovers are as low as you can go.
    The rims are 98 Cobra rims, they aren't the rims i am going to leave on the car.
    I have decided between chrome deep dish bullits or black deep dish bullits. A lot of the stangs on here have chrome bullits so i might go for the black ones.
  5. 620 springs, 5-leaf reverse-eyes.

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  6. Have you 5-leafs rev. eyes settled down already? I was planning on getting those, but I was looking into getting my car about 1/2" lower than that in the rear.
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    MII in the front with 2" drop spindles
    Rear is standard eye leafs modified

    Car is a bit to low in the front with the MII crossmember. Sitting on 17x8 Mach1's with 245/45/17 rubber
  8. Stance in the making

    I am hoping to get the car in the body shop real soon. The block sanding of fiberglass parts is a lengthy process.

    Since my wheel wells are modded quite a bit a local wheel/tire shop lent me a 17 x 11 wheel for test fitment / back spacing etc.

    i have 5 leaf reverse eye's and 1" lowering block;


    Should have no problem fitting a 315-35-17 and keeping the car low

  9. 16X8 with 4.5 backspacing. tires are 225x.50

    1" shelby drop, 1" drop 620s, and 4.5 mid eye leafs. I'm thinking about cutting a little coil off once she's back together.


    and the most recent pic i have.

  10. project.65-

    my reverse-eyes have about 800 miles on them. i was hoping they would have settled another 1/2 inch or so by now, but it will probably be a long while before they settle any more. I love the ride though.

    i'm actually thinking about putting some 1/2 inch lowering blocks in there if i can find some... i don't know if they even make those.
  11. not to be a downer or anything but do you really think that when you add the approx 12.5" section width of that tire onto your 11 inch rim it will fit? I don't see you being able to make that .75 inch of additional width from the tire on the rim simply not interfere...I believe you are going to run into sheet metal clearance problems. It might fit with the lip of the fender completely removed, but even then...are you running a watts links to prevent rear deflection when cornering?

    But keep us all posted. I have a 67 I wouldn't mind running something a little wider on ;)
  12. makes them for ~$8 each.


  13. cobra5.0jeep, I like the cobra rims on your stang, has a different look to it.
  14. Not a downer at all - remember there are some mods done here.
    The A/R rim bead with is 11" (that is where the tire sits.
    The overall width of the rim in the photos is 12"
    so + .2" per side

    If I put a straight edge on the wheel I still have 1.5" before the tire hits sheet metal on the outside.

    stock (before)

    not stock;

  15. Ahhh I see now....

  16. I like the look of the cobra R's that you have on there. I am planning on purchasing some chrome ones for my mustang as I have never seen chrome cobra r's on a classic mustang. How much did you get those for?
  17. there's no way i'd put those on my car. they look way too thin. just get the regular 1" blocks from NPD, california mustang, etc and find a machine shop with a quality, automatic bandsaw (that will cut it perfectly).
  18. Did I see some freestar wheels awhile back? :D

    I was thinking about using them on my ranger, IMO they are the best ford non-mustang wheel they have come out with.

    It isn't a mustang but its close enough

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    Stock wore-out 6 cylinder springs in the front with comp. engineering adjustables.
    5-leafs in the back.

    15x3.5 with 165r15s
    15x8 with 4.5BS and 275/60/15s
  19. 17x8 on all 4 corners.