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  1. What year is that Falcon? I gotta get me one those!

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  2. Are those Vintage Wheel Works V40's?

    What backspace?

    What brakes do you have?

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  3. does anyone have pics with the 99-04 bullitts?
  4. HPIM0236.jpg grab-a-trac 620's 1" lowered in front, eaton gt comp leaf springs, 17x7 torq-thrust with 215 45 17 front, 225's rear...

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  5. Its a 66 . . . and its kicking my butt trying to put a t5 in.
  6. what color is that.... I love it

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  7. Here's mine:
    17x8 and 17x 9.5
    Grab a Trak 4.5 mid eye leaf springs and 620 front springs half coil cut with Edelbrock shocks all around.

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  8. Here's some more:

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  9. love your stance chromedog:nice:
  10. 04 mustang sonic blue...
  11. Sonic blue looks awesome on your car man!!

    I had my selection for paint narrowed down to 04 ford redfire and 04 ford sonic blue and I ended up going with the redfire

    you should post a few more pics of that

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  12. ok, it seem that everyone wants to see more of the chrome pony... i hope these come across View attachment 358763 G] HPIM0232.jpg HPIM0229.jpg

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  13. Hey Chromedog, did you roll the fenders?
  14. the rear fenders are rolled, and the front, i cut the lip off, and stiitch welded a piece of 1/8 inch rod around the lip to stiffen it seems the body on my car sits about 1/2 inch further to the left than it should:shrug: i had good clearance on the left side, but the right was way tight. i did both sides, anyway. btw, those are 225's on the rear, and 215's in front. i dont think anything bigger would have fit with the backspacing ive got (4.5) not on the right side, anyway...
  15. 17x8 and 18 x 8 Boyd Magneatos. Heidts front end and rear reverse eye springs with lowering blocks.

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  16. carl: That's gonna look sick once it's done!
  17. Old thread, I know... but I just put 2003 Bullitts on (with 1" adapter/spacers) and wanted to add to the thread. This is with 1" drop 480lb-in front springs and 1" drop 200 lb-in composite leaf springs in rear. Tires are 225/45R17 in front, 235/45R17 in rear with no rubbing. Alignment is at +3* caster, -0.5* camber and 1/8" toe:


    Before the Bullitts, the car looked like

  18. normal_IMG_2778.jpg

    Front wheels:
    Magnum 500 in 15x7"

    Rear wheels:
    Magnum 500 in 15x8"

    Front suspension:
    Complete Global west tubular upper and lower control arms
    1" $helby drop and slightly chopped spring (half a coil I think)

    Rear suspension:
    4-Leaf mid eye leaf springs