Your Stang Name.

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  1. Ok, basically, post up one pic and the best pic of your mustang or one of each stang and its name (if it has one). also if you want, why you named it that. :nice:
  2. Code Name: Project Daily Driver.
    Why: self explanitory.

  3. clean gt. :nice:

    white ponys would look nice
  4. DSC00012.jpg

    Money :D
  5. the stang.. thats it :)

  6. Meet (from left to right)


    1980 Mercury Capri brought to life using parts from several different dead Stangs. Yes, the car is actually Frankie, not I :D


    Ummmm, he's loud. . :D

  7. i like thunderhorse. pretty cool name for a stang!
  8. POS, GODDAMNITALL, and whatever else comes to mind when the thing pisses me off(which has been a lot lately)
  9. Did you get Thunderhorse from Metalocalypse?
  10. lmao i bet she did!
  11. Nikki



  12. Scrambes, uh, Scrambles the Death Dealer... j/k:p

    Eh, sometimes I call it Buc Nasty, like the pimp Dave Chapelle used to play.
  13. I thought so too.
  14. I call mine a POS sometimes.Does that count as a name?
  15. Thunderhorse was originally named "Dirtball" when I had it because it was so filthy and run-down when I first bought it. :D
  16. I read this:

    "Car was used in adult film "Highway Gangbang - In Da Butt". May require some light interior cleaning."

    And then saw this:

    And all I can think about is "Darling Nikki" by Prince (though the Foo did it pretty well, too).
  17. Hhaha nice, but that wasn't the car used in the porno :)

  18. Dirtball just doesn't work for it anymore though. You cleaned him up too well. :lol:

  19. Thats too bad. :D Whats with the name then?
  20. Just some girl i had a crush on when i was 16 and bought the car.