Your Stang Name.

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  1. Her name is Samantha. What do you think?
  2. Samantha is one hot ****!

    Edit: Where be that word filter thingymaflop?


  3. A **** is a female dog.
  4. Try telling that to my 3 female weiner dogs. They might chew your face off. :D
  5. Someone installed a FRAM Word Filter. It lets all kinds of things slip through unfiltered. :D
  6. lol i agree samantha is HOT
  7. :nice:

    turd nugget brown.
  8. mostly pos, or **** or pile of crap, go faster!! whats that noise? why the hell do you break?
    **** sucking bastard, I hate you!! mostly stuff like that..

    I told it i was gonna put in a ls1 in it if it didnt start the other day and turns out BOTH of my hg's failed on first start, so now my heads are milled .025 as a result and im gonna have around 9.7-1 comp so it should be faster now!! lol
  10. Big winged hatch(GT wing) or the hatch.
  11. I call my '04 Mustang, the '04. I know, so original.

  12. I guess I just call mine "Girl". As in, "thatta Girl", and I always pat it in the same spot on the dash. I strive to keep it running right, though every now and again, she has an episode, of course. But for the most part, she keeps me happy.
  13. 81 is "Hack Job"

    91 is "The Notch"

    96 is "The Cobra"

    I'm boring, but that's what I call them.
  14. I call mine "Satanas" because Its been to hell and back. Blew two traniies , been in a few accidents, blew my rear end.caught on fire,broke my rear glass, ripped my top, modifiying almost every thing on it including shaved handles, front tilt hood and rear gas tank conversion.Thats some of the stuff i can remember for the moment...

  15. Her names "Betty" 100_0034.jpg
  16. Mine is "Angel"

    and like NikwoaC, I always patt her on the dash when she does something good. Though she does PMS everyonce in a while.

  17. i think we all give a cars a pat in the dash :nice:
  18. The Cobra, The GT, and you guessed it... The LX. I like to keep it simple. However when they break, I've been known to call them other things.:D And yes, mine get pats on the dash too.:nice: Check my page for the pics.