Your Stang Name.

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  1. Hey, when did you get that scoop and where? More pics, please!
  2. Daily name. :shrug:


    Weekend cruiser. This one's my baby. My friends called her "Sally" in high school. I guess it stuck.

  3. Mild Sauce or Sweet & Sour...Take ur pick

  4. His name.......tattoooooed on the hood. He's a mans man :)
  5. whens that thing coming to SCC?
  6. go for Sweet & Sour
  7. Yeah, sweet and sour is pretty cool.

    What's DMan mean?
  8. :hail2:

    My '84 aspires to look very much like yours, someday. :drool: (No, really! My car, like, talks to me n' stuff. Er, well ... maybe that's just those special voices that only I can hear ... and only when I forget to take my meds... :crazy: )

    Really? I distinctly remember you mentioning that the '04 was named "Princess" or something extremely girly at one point...


    Here's teh '84, "The Black Pearl." I dunno, the name just kinda came out because every time I'd go over to work on the thing when I first got it, I'd do the Jack Sparrow "Hello, Beastie!" quote. That, and the thing is constantly plundering and pillaging what little my bank account has to offer, so it's something of a pirate ship ... umm, I guess. I dunno. Okay, and because it's obviously black, but it kinda has this metal-flake pearl kinda thing mixed in the paint, so ... yeah. Whatever. There it is. :shrug:

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    And the car I traded off to obtain the Black Pearl was known as The Pervertible - no explanation needed on that, really. :D

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  9. I was joking? Ummmm, yeah...


  10. wife calls the car a DeMoN as a result of all the time and money it's sucked from our happy home :)
  11. Dont know doing some huge changes mini-tubbed, big brakes, little motor tweaking I might run low 12's when im done...:rolleyes:
  12. Rockin Horse I named it that from my stereo comp days won a few SPL trophys with it several years ago

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