Your stangistory? What is it?

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  1. Thought it would be interesting to see people's "stangistory" which is your past Mustangs.

    Here's mine:

    Simple enough, only had a few. The first one started out as a 4 banger, turned into a 5 speed carb'd 302 (Had a 351 on the stand but didn't have the funds to build it).
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    Next on the chopping block is my 89 notch, got it for a steal and eventually rebuilt the engine with 1969 351W heads. Don't have good pics of it online yet, so engine bay will have to do for now.
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    I traded the white notch for a nice 91 hatch (stock 5.0L) but had 5 lug, 3:73's, ran great...
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    Sold it and moved to Toronto with the cash, got a better job and got smart with money (for a change). After 3 years or so I got a little stupid again and bought this supercharged 86 T-top
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    I'm not sure what the future holds but I do really love the 2004 Mach 1, so maybe I will move on from the fox to the "new edge" cars. :shrug: But for now the T-top will do, I already changed the engine and saving up for the 500hp marker...
  2. Mine is really simple...

    @16, bought my 1988 LX bone stock with 50K miles off some 60 year old lady (seriously)

    @30...still have it :)

    Between 23-27, i also owned a 2003 GT 5-spd I bought brandy new. I miss that car :(
  3. Too many cars to list but I sold my 94Gt which was near perfect, I regret it everyday. However neck surgery and other life changes means maybe it will come back in the future.

    Goal was a total sleeper and it was that for sure. Heads, cam, intake, Vortech 12psi, etc.


    With blower.

    Then 347 Stroker, custom cam, Holley, etc. It was a screamer.

  4. Meh, everyone knows my laundry list already.
  5. I have had my share of cars over the years but have managed to hold on to my 93 the whole time.

    Bought Jan 6th 1996 for the then wife, it served as a DD for her for just over a year. Then she got a new car and I got passed the Fox however it stayed stock until 1998 then gears and bolt ons started.

    My idea all along was to keep it completely stock looking and make it haul ass. Nearly 16 years later not much left is stock. Kurgan tuned it a couple weeks ago and it made about 640/650, dyno read out was screwy. I will do E85 and more boost next set of mods but the car is a blast to drive currently.
    It won 3rd place at San Diego's Mustangs by the bay a couple weeks ago in the 74-93 modded class.
  6. My pops bought me a 1983 GT that had an engine fire when I was 15. I already had a custom bug but soon got the Mustang to work. I changed the front to Aero, this was I think in 1990 or 91.

    Then, after dropping out of cars for a while, picked up this 2006. Sold it shortly after my son was born.

    And in March of this year, I picked up this from the original owner, a 1989 GT and am having a lot of fun restoring it.

    Probaby won't be my last.
  7. IMG_2894.jpg
    Bought this '83 GLX for $300 when I was 16, got it running and sold it for $600

    Bought this '86 GT a year later for $2200

    Traded the '86 a few months later for this '95 GT

    Got the '86 back about a year later in a trade, with a shiny new paint job. Then proceeded to trade it again a few months later, and never seen it since :(

    Traded a 240sx for this '94 GT and then sold it for $2000

    Traded a civic for this '90 GT and then sold it a month later for $2400

    Traded a ranger for this '89 GT and then sold it a week later for $1600

    Traded a F150 for this '88 GT and traded it for my current vehicle about a month ago

    And now I dont have any
  8. Bought my 89 LX in the summer of 2002, car was a hillbilly mess. Drove it for a little while and finally the mod bug bit. I rebuilt the T5 into a T5Z, rebuilt the 8.8 with all new parts and 4.10's. Then finally once I found the crank was shot in the old motor I built a 306 with a TFS stage 1 cam and an Explorer top end. It was strong on the street, but never ran right at the track, I attribute that to the fact that it had an O/R H pipe with a couple of cats hacked into it but no air pump (wouldn't rev past 4800 rpms).


    Finally sold it off in early 2005 cause I was frustrated with it not running as fast as it should have.

    Early 2008 hit and I was missing my old 89 (for some reason) and found this 91:


    Was pretty much stock other then a couple of bolt ons. Motor was pretty beat (lots o miles) and now it currently has a 347 in it. Waiting to get my new broken TKO 600 back from the trans shop.

    Bought this 67 for my wife as an anniversary gift last year. Mostly sits a lot as it needs a bunch of little things repaired on it, and between work and the engine swap on my 91 I haven't had time to mess with it. Though I started to piddle around with it this past weekend.


    Bought my 99 Cobra last year about month after I bought the 67 as I wanted something faster to drive and I knew it was going to be a while before I would get the 91 to where I wanted it. Has a few bolt ons, needs a couple things repaired, but it is clean and has low miles, plus I got it for a good price.

  9. ^^^Lars, you show off!^^^

    You know I only say that b/c I'm straight up jealous.
  10. My 1st was a white 93GT. And yes, I loved the cheese graters on this baby!

    My 2nd was my bimini blue 92LX which I wish I still had to this day. I sold it to some guy in New Jersey. I took a pic of it on the trailer when he picked it up. Last summer when I was in the market for another mustang I actually noticed I could see the number of his work place on the tailgate of his truck. I called and left a message but no one ever called back.

    Number 3 is not worth mentioning :)

    My current ride is my black on black 93LX which is out of commission at the moment...
  11. My first fox was this 1987 GT T-top that I picked up for real cheap in 2002. It was 3 different colors, needed body work from a previous accident, etc. Pretty rough shape. Spent all my time and money fixing her up. She came out pretty descent, I fobra'd it but give me a break I was 18. Traded it in in 2004 for a new Ranger. Worst Idea ever.


    My current 1989 LX 5.0, clean with only 66K. After a long 6 year hiatus I picked this up in 2010. It was my divorce present :D


    Currently on jack stands for the 5 lug/rear disc swap. Almost done, I'll finish it up when I get home from this deployment in the winter.
  12. Heres' mine... First stang was a 87 white/titanium gt 5speed ac delete car brand new:nice::...traded that on a new 94 bright blue mettalic gt 5spd coupe...:rolleyes:sold that one in 99 .Picked up a brand new 99 Real 35th ann ed.vert,silver 5 speed....:)sold that in 2004:nonono:.Got married,had a kid....Purchased a 99 benz c43 amg which i love and still have...:lol:The fox bug bit hard this past summer...added to my garage a 90' dark titaniun/titanium gt 5 speed coupe,s/roof,blk ...bolt ons include vortech s-trim,gt40 upper/lower,bbk shortys,bbk off road x,mac cat back etc:hail2:....
  13. Been called a few names before, not sure show off was ever one of them. lol

    Don't be too jealous, there is a metric ton of my life tied up in overtime at work + slinging wrenches on my few days off to get to this point.

    Dunno how you let that Bimini hatch go. :drool:
  14. Traded a suzuki dirtbike plus a bit of cash for a 1992 lx notch right after I turned 16


    had her for just 1 month short of a year then this happened (thread with the story around some where)
    planning on getting another some day, just not sure when
  15. Got any pics of the 90 GT put them up....:nice:
  16. Actually just took a bunch of pics' sunday...just got to figure out hw to put em' up!:nice:
  17. Photobucket !!!!! its free....:nice:
  18. Well, It wasn't my first car but it was the first I could drive legally- I never got a picture of my '70 but in 1987 it looked like this, down to the pastel blue paint:
    Still kicking myself in the ass to this day for getting rid of it.

    Another no-pic, but the next stang was a red 1964 1/2 289 coupe.

    Then the fox bug bit about 1990-
    1979 357W, C6 auto
    View attachment 167210

    View attachment 167211

    Again no photo and I know this is an '85, but I had an '84 with this paint scheme.....

    Ten years or so with no mustang pass and I decided to build a hot street fox so I bought this roller and a van with a 351w to power it...


    ....But then I came across this and jumped on it before it got away. The roller will go to my son for a father-son project.:nice:
  19. OK, here goes...

    1985 GT...bought for $1000, found a rotted frame.

    1985 GT T-Top...

    1991 LX High School ride...

    1997 Cobra...

    1987 GT...Parts car...
    View attachment 166857

    1979 Mustang 2.3 Turbo...winter beater 2002/2003...

    1984 GT...just a fun beater...

    1989 LX 5.0...the only one that was wrecked...evidence of why elderly people need to be re-tested...

    1989 GT...

    1988 LX w/2.3 Turbo Swap from an 87 Turbo Coupe...

    1992 LX 5.0..

    2003 GT...loved this car!

    1989 GT...did a lot of work to this car but sold it before I finished it...
    View attachment 166873

    I would LOVE to get into another fox...or an SN95...might even take an S197...but I am going to try and
    hold out for an 03/04 Cobra.