Your stangistory? What is it?

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  1. Wow! Thirteen. That's impressive.
  2. 1964.5 170ci C4 notch, I was 15 years old.
    1967 fastback, mexican cast 302, toploader 4 speed.
    1984 SVO
    1987 5.0 GT, original owner, still have it 24 years later.
  3. Get an s197, you wont regret it. Want termi power? buy a blower and call it a day.
  4. I was thinking of a 2010 GT for awhile but they still fetch good coin even though the 5.0 came out and ripped the 4.6 a new one. I'd like a nice black or white 05-09 GT with the red leather and 18" fan blades...then KB it and enjoy life.
  5. I bought my 93 LX 5.0 5 speed new at the age of 23. I was tired of every 5.0 handing my lightly modded 72 Camaro it's ash. It now has 170,000 miles and I still love it. It needs to be restored and I am currently collecting parts. Someday I will start my own build thread here.

    1986 GT T-top, I bought in the absence of my 93 (stored out of state). I figured out that Texas heat, no A/C and T-tops do not agree, at least for me and sold it after 2 years.

    1988 GT T-top, I bought this car as a major project because I love t-top cars and have the vision to see what they can be. I was going to down convert it to a 85-86 4 eye GT because I love the look of them but prefer the 87-93 interior. It is currently on the chopping block due to another project car and lack of storage space.
  6. My mom bought this '02 GT brand new when I was 15. It was 5 speed, Laser Red with black cloth interior. She sold three years later bone stock with 6,000 miles on it. I wanted it soooo bad and tried to get a loan for it, but I couldn't afford it. I think I was allowed to drive the car three times, once by myself.




    Then in August of '09 I bought my one and only.



  7. you guys have some great stories. mines kinda like mustang 5l5's, i got this car when i was 15, and ive been throwing money at it ever since, and im 23 now. ive got it to be pretty clean, id like to pull the motor and brakes once i graduate and get a garage and a job and do a hci, and my cobra brakes. id like to pick up another one, probably an lx to drive every day, maybe one thats rougher around the edges so i wont be paranoid about it.


    ive tossed around the idea of getting a 98 cobra vert however