Your thoughs on this Engine.

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Wind-Farmer, May 3, 2010.

  1. Is your motor blown? What is the reason for wanting to swap out for a new motor?
  2. Basically its the GT-500 engine with a TVS blower on it. It is no longer made, hasn't been for months so if you're stuck on buying it make sure they have it in stock before shelling out your cash. As for buying it, I would skip it. You can forge the internals, buy custom cams and supercharge that motor make 605HP and save yourself thousands of dollars because building your would be cheaper and you wont need wiring harnress,exhaust,suspension upgrade to hold the extra weight of the iron block etc....
  3. +1 It's not worth the money
  4. You would be much better off just getting an aluminator short block, some heads and your own blower and you'll be making more power and spend less.
  5. You would be better off trading your car in on a GT500 and putting the TVS on it. You will probably be around $25k to get that 5.4 running in your car. Starting with a GT500 will get you better brakes, a suspension designed for the weight and a clutch and transmission designed for the power.
  6. Bad idea IMO.......always cost way more than you plan for.

  7. post pics when you are finished, it looks like a
    fun project.
  8. I would sell/trade-in your car for a new 2011 GT and throw a SC on it. I would think that would get you in about the same HP range as what you were looking at. But then again what do I know about spending money, I'm still saving the money for some cams. And trying to feed my 3 hungry children, wife, dog, cat, and fish......:D

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