Your thoughts on 347 build Trick Flow intake

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  1. First I would like to say thanks for all the helpful info, MOST.....of you post! First post please take it easy.

    I am just getting ready to drop in my new CHP 347 streetfighter S/B with a host of new parts. The Goal is to build a "Hot" street car. Not a daily driver by any means, something to be respected. Looking to make around 425 N/A. Ideas on power???

    I was told to go with the TFS box R intake, will it fit under a 2.5 cowl hood? What do you think of the Box R on a N/A setup? I plan to turn it to about 7200. Also I want to add NOS, any ideas on what system would be best?

    89 lx
    Build Info:

    347 CHP streetfighter S/B (flat top 11.5:1)
    TFS track heat cnc 185 64cc (had decked to 58cc)
    comp ultra gold 1.6 RR
    Anderson N71 ......232/240 .576/.576 110
    TFS Box R intake
    30lb injectors
    255 walbro Fuel pump
    3/8 fuel lines
    BBK fuel rails
    70mm Accufab T/B
    DBX 97mm Mass air (abaco)
    MSD pro billet dizzy
    MSD digital 6
    PowerForce+Plus 28oz light weight damper
    Lightwight 28oz flywheel
    TKO 3550
    Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft
    KYB's all around
    bushings all over
    upper and lower control arms
    Nitto NT05's

    adding Anderson PMS this summer
  2. 90lxcoupe has some direct experience on that intake in a high RPM application. Hopefully he'll chime in.
  3. i feel like 425hp is a little to much for an aluminum driveshaft..ive seen people with less twist them like someone ringing out a rag
  4. I don't know, we put down 750 to the tire and run mid 9's on a FMS aluminum driveshaft, only changes were the front yoke and rear pinion yoke. Have not broke it yet..................holding breath........but then again we run a small tire so we cannot hit it hard out of the hole.
  5. I'd consider the edelbrock victor 5.0 intake.
    I've seen guys make nearly 480rwhp NA on a 347.
    A good all around second choice would be the rpmII intake.

    The driveshaft will be fine.

    I don't see what the point of using nitrous will be if you meet your hp goal, you are already near the block's max (unless you have an aftermarket block).

    No need for aftermarket fuel lines either.
  6. I used the Holley Systemax Intake on my CHP 347 and the TQ was crazy. Made power all the way up to 6250rpm.

  7. My opinion on making power till 7200 with a SBF is you are gonna need to get all the right stuff working together the first time. Ive tried to make the R-series lower intake work and for me, it wont make peak power past 6500. I had headers that were too small for the motor and it peaked at around 5800 rpms. With 1 7/8'' headers it peaks around 6100, but the difference with the bigger headers is that it holds the power till about 6600 rpms.

    I think you should think outside of the regular 5.0 style plenum intakes and go with a super victor intake set up for EFI. Its also my opinion that a 4 blade style throttle body would be better on a street car and might even be worth more power.

    If i wasnt building a new motor i would try swapping my box R intake for a super victor, but the motors running great now, and anything i spend on this motor is less i have for the new one. I think there is power left on the table, but the car is in the 10's, and im good with that on motor.

    O RLY?? Mine has a good 30 low 11 second passes and 3 like this one...


  8. You can use either the Box R intake or the standard R intake to get to the power level you want. The issue is going to be making power to thr RPM level you want. The combination you have going on is only going to be good up to about 6800 from what I have seen. The Box R intake will not fit under a 2.5" hood so keep that in mind when ordering. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 330-630-1555.

    Trick Flow Tech.
  9. My $.02

    If that motor has a 8.19" deck height (assuming 0 deck), 3.4" stroke, 5.4"rod, 1.09" piston -4cc flat top you have 11.09:1.... a 54cc chamber would put you around 11.64:1 but your getting a little thin at that point IMO, might want to talk to Greg. Id look at the N91 or larger cam if you want to stay AFM, the N71 is a little small personally.

    The Edelbrock EFI spyder will be hard pressed to fit under a 2.5" cowl as well, even with the lower profile elbows they offer. Youll need more gear with a 26" tire at the track....
  10. we are hitting an aluminum shaft with around 1500hp... and plenty of 9 second street driven lightnings running them
  11. then i'd love to know how a kid in my car club twisted his badly with 375
  12. Bad shaft... Wheel hop...

    To add to it a lot of newer trucks have them also
  13. any new updates on your build?
  14. as previously stated that cam is way to small to hit over 7k, your going to need to add around 20 deg, might want to start looking toward solid rollers to get that high. also note that hyd lifters are limited so no matter how big cam you go it will never make power over 65-6700 rpm tops. ignore what they claim is the rpm range haha look at the charts, every hyd lifter motor falls on its face at 6500. with the exact perfect spring pressure and lightweight components you can squeeze an extra 2-300 rpm.