Your thoughts on DSS. short blocks

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  1. im almost set on getting a dss pro bullet 306 long rod short block. but what do u guys think of dss.

    Anyone have one ?
    Anyone have good/bad experiences.
    i wanna know what u all heard or think
  2. no one

  3. You can get the same $hit for less $$$ from CHP.
  4. The responses you will get on DSS will be mixed. There have been reports of some people having trouble w/ there blocks. CHP as rob said is a good company.
  5. any one else who has owned a chp
    or a dss

    dan :shrug: :shrug:
  6. i think i might go with chp for these reason
    1- heard alot of complaints about dss
    2- dss stock crank just ground
    3 can get a 347 from chp for 2599 with forged crank

    dss also has the 347 with a new crank for 2500 too. they have 5.4 rods the chp has 5.351 or something does it matter

    who would u guys go with
    this is probally the biggest purchase for a car i made yet and i dont want it to last 5k and then brake.

  7. both still use a stock block, no matter how much prep they do to it, it is still a stock block. get a good rotating assembly, bring your block to a good machine shop and have them bore your block and assemble the kit for you, you should save some $$$.
  8. for info about DSS you need to talk to silvrbullit302 his name is tommy he can tell you all about D.S.S. he has first hand experience.
  9. I have the DSS pro bullit 306, I like it alot, the parts seemed to be nice and I have had no issues with it yet. I think DSS and CHP are preaty comparable to one another, I was looking into a long rod at first and I got the best info from DSS actually and it seemed that DSS was alittle bit better with the long rod setup 306. I decided that the long rod was overkill as they are better at power production but the rest of my combo would not be good for the rpm the long rod could use.

    In the end after making like 3-4 calls to both DSS and CHP I went with DSS. Anderson Ford Motorsport uses them. DSS is in Il. I am in St. Louis Missouri and the shipping was also a factor as it is cheaper for DSS to get me the product. I do feel that if you look long enough that you will find preaty close to an equal amount of poeple who like and dis-like both. I always take into account that they only build the shortblock/longblock and leave it up to someone else to install and tune the engine and not everyone is fully able to do this part correctly and no matter how the motor is built if installed or tuned wrong it will blow up.

    If you are wanting to see some pics of the DSS shortblock I have look at my cardomain page I took some good pics of it and also dur. the build.
  10. you guys are making me nervious about my dss pistons i ordered... :(

    the quality seems great and the price wasn't bad at all. and they seemed to have great customer service as well as the shipping was a day early.
  11. I looked around at what people were running in there rides here, looking at what people had in there cars in the mags (were they list what was in the motor). I have no doubt that they are at very least an OK (middle of the road) forged piston that can take some abuse. Again though a bad tune will kill any piston. I think both CHP and DSS are good starting points and a value buy. I realy like how DSS is offering an Extreme motor that has a dart block, I would love to see what those things are built like and able to take power wise.
  12. A few things...

    1) Long rod motors don't make sense for a street car. The piston is being hung at TDC and BDC longer. It doesn't sound like much, but camshaft selection will be critical.

    2) Forged crank in a stock block?

    3) CHP will put the internals into whatever block you want - at your expense. So, in affect, they too are offering an "extreme" motor. Why does DSS need the Dart or Sportsman block....what about their "Level 20"? :rolleyes:

  13. thanks for the info its still in the air but i think im going with a 347 now lol
    since i will have the money i figured what the heck y not lol

    ill keep u guys posted

  14. true, and I agree the level20 is snake oil, the level10 is prob. just a cnc basic engine go over like hone, deck, ect. to keep everything the same. I was just saying they already have the block and its together listed kinda nice to just get a price and go without even calling.
  15. They have no problems with the pistons. People only complain about the stock blocks that they use when they do their 347 buildups. What do you expect when you pay that much. I can tell you that DSS also does Dart block buildups if you are looking into that. They do make quality parts for the price.

    The DSS Pistons are great quality for the price. Especially if you got the Pro-Lites. I am not a DSS Supporter but you get what you pay for with them.
  16. FYI, the guy who had my ride b4 me ordered the 347 CHP kit. I have the recipt and everything, When i rebuilt the motor due to a cracked piston (WTF) the crank was actually a 331 Must have mixed it up while packing? For my money i like bringing the block to a builder who has ex. w/ sbf. they always know what works and at least if you have a prob you know who to go to. good luck w/ the new motor
  17. Dont "worry" if you think you got good parts but maybe could have paid a little less... You need to worry if you already bought it, and everyone comes out and says "the quality is horrible"