Your thoughts on Duralast by AutoZone?

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  1. I also work at Advance Auto, been there for 7 years now, and just like mob said get the lifetime warranty. My car as well has lots of lifetime warranty parts and its nice not to have to worry. As far as batteries, Johnson Controls aka JCI makes the majority of batteries out there. Here in Florida they last about 2-3 years, daily I replace batteries in 2007 and 2008 vehicles that are bad.
  2. You work on the 13 street store don't you? There are two guys that own foxes, which one are you?
  3. Yup thats my store, owned the blue Mustang one and the red one, sold the blue one now have the red fox and a silver 00 GT.
  4. I hate to talk about this stuff cause Im afraid I will Jinx myself, LOL! But I have had amazing Batteries in my Vehicles, my 1st car had a 12 Year old Battery in it when I got rid of it, got 11 from the Autozone Battery before I gave it away, I traded my Truck in last year and it still had the OEM Battery that was 8 Years old, I think the shortest time Ive ever had from a Battery was about 5 years. I expect to get many, many years from the Odyssey Battery I put in the Stang this past Spring!