Your thoughts on DynoJet WideBand Commander (searched)

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  1. Searched and saw one person liked it...but nothing else referencing it.

    Since none of the widebands (not even the one Anderson Ford Motorsports sells) is actually read and utilized by the PMS, I want one that can do standalone data logging yet have an easy to read display.

    I bought the LM-1 at the beginning of the summer but when I realized how big it was (as mentioned in the thread I searched, the size of the PMS handheld) and how small the display was, I was turned off and returned it for a refund.

    The PLX M-300 works very well (two friends have it on their turbo'd vehicles), but no data logging.

    That is why I am leaning towards the Dynojet Wideband Commander ( ) and would like to hear from anyone that has had experience with them.

  2. ttt since it's night time and people are actually on, lol
  3. Just adding info in case anyone brings this up via search.

    The Dynojet Wideband Commander seems to be a decent setup, but a lot of people are not a fan of the data logging software.

    After carefully reviewing all of the options, I went with the Innovate LM-1 w/ RPM Converter.

    Why? Seems to be the most reliable and everyone loves the data logging options.

    And it is REALLY EASY to hook up an Autometer display gauge to the analog output:

    So it appears that in the base RPM kit form, I will be able to easily see where in the RPM range I am running rich/lean...then tune it via the PMS.

    When I get some more money, I will invest in the Autometer gauge along with a gauge pod for it and a boost gauge too.
  4. You should have kept the LM 1 unit. It datalogs w/o a laptop and is easy to read and use. Only downfall is that its bulky and the wires are long.
  5. There are a LOT of A/F gauges out there that you can couple with the analog output on the LM-1. If you get a good one, you can install the LM-1 so that it's completely out of sight. I've looked an awful lot of gauges over the past year and have only found one that seems like it's specifically designed to do what it's intended to do and actually put out useful information. It even has memory functions for reading the richest and leanest AFR after a run along with a warning light that you can present when it gets too lean. It'll take some of your $$ but I guess that's kind of relative to how good you want your in-car instruments to be.

  6. Yeah...I wish I had kept it. But since I never used it, returned it for full refund to Summit.

    This time I bought it from Jeg's (now that Summit is in GA, my order had an extra $40 in taxes :( ).

    As for the wiring...I have seen some VERY clean setups, especially on and on the Innovate user forums. They have given me some good ideas of how to cleanly mount mine but still have easy, quick disconnect to take the unit out to my desktop PC (selling the laptop to be able to afford more car parts, lol).

  7. Greddy? Hmm. Not your standard domestic parts company :) . But they do make good parts, especially when it comes to boosted apps (i.e. turbo timers). Do you have the part #? And how much did it run you?

  8. i have had a hard time finding info on widebands on stangnet also.
    i dont care much about data logging :shrug:

  9. Greddy 60mm AIR/FUEL GAUGE Peak/Hold Warning (RATIO 16.0 TO 8.0) - (White)

    Manufacturer Part #: 16000811

    $297.50 is about thebest price I've seen for it.
  10. Thanks. And yeah, not cheap.

  11. Yeah, it can be like pulling teeth sometimes getting info on widebands here.

    Without data logging, it is a bit on the hard side to usefully use the info when it comes to tuning. That is unless you like keeping your eye on a gauge when you're flying down the highway beating a 'Vette ;)

  12. Yeah... doing the drive/gauge watch thing is a recipe for disaster, surely. What I like about the Greddy gauge is that it's the ONLY one I've seen that actually SHOWS AFR instead of just stoich, lean/rich. At a glance, you could be hard on the throttle and know where your AFR is at a glance.

    You're right though... Datalogging is the key if you intend to use wideband for tuning.

    If have trouble with your RPM converter once you get your LM-1 installed, let me know.
  13. wow this sounds interesting..i was considering a dyno tune with a shop here in phoenix called they want 800 for a flip switch on for n/a then one for n2o..but if it only cost me another 3 or 400 to get a custom peice like that where i can tune it on the road it would be worth it...please send me a link if you guys can for more info...also can this lm1 unit be used with n20? and what other parts do i need?
  14. The LM-1 is a wideband 02 meter, not a tuner. You would still need something like a PMS or TwEECer or some other user programmable ECU to to do any actual tuning. The meter just help you see where you're at in your tune vs. where you need to be. And yes, it can be used with nitrous.
  15. Hey Dagger there was a tuning system that was flashing ere on the top of this site the last few days i dotn remember the name now cause its not there says complete tuning package for $1095...when i checked it out it comes with a new ECU..datalogger, and says install is easy as well as tuning..i have no experience in the tuning of the computer so i need something simple yet complete within that price range....i would really like a tuner where i can keeo changing it as i change my mods and not having to get a chip reflashed...i have also heard tuning on the street is way better then a dyno
  16. ok found it!! is
  17. actually it doesnt com with a wideband...thats an extra 400 but the system comes with everything else i you guys know anything bout this system? or should i just stick with a pms?
  18. I've not talked to anyone who's run that tuner. I bump into folks that run the TwEECer and PMS all the time but haven't heard any noise about the WMS system. Looks like it's also setup to run on SD cars as well. I wonder how far it will allow you to go with the factory SD where cams, etc... are concerned.
  19. I have only seen ads for that system. No feedback.

    I love my PMS. Others love their twEECers.

    With a wideband and the PMS or twEECer, you can essentially tune your car without going to a dyno. Just be "legal" about it and do your "runs" on streets with proper speed limits ;)
  20. Here's what knowledge base had to say about it: