your thoughts on meth..... =)

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  1. METHANOL not crystal!!!

    my new combo I have put together is a very simple one but I want it to be VERY effective!! I have a stock degreed cam, gt40x heads milled .030, and little port work, and a ported typhoon, all the bolt ons, anyway, I have now alot of compression, and thats gonna make it run hot and not agree with pump gas (duh dumbass).. anyway I live in the deep south where humidity is high all the time and its always 95deg. so I was thinking of a boost sprayer as a means to get the octane back up and also keep the engine a little cooler, and in the end more hp..

    does anyone have first hand experience with a n/a setup? I have messed with water and methanol and alcohol with boost and it is extremely effective, my uncle is running 25psi with 42lberz and making around 520 crank horse, so I know it works, just dont know about non boost cars...

    anybody have any websites or books I can read up on this?

  2. I don't think you could go wrong with it.. at the very least you'll get the octane boost you need or the cooling depending on what mixture you plan on using or if your just running striaght meth.. even so striaght meth still has cooling properties just not as well as water.. but water has no energy to it so no octane boost from it.. i'd go straight meth or your not getting all you can from it.