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  1. hey this is my first post. im a 15 year old guy livin in franklin tn. about a month ago i purchased a 93 mustang gt w\ police interceptor badging. i dont know exactly why tha police interceptor badging is there, if anyone knows i would appreciate it if u told me. tha mods list is long but here it is: jacobs pro street electronics, SVO king cobra clutch, bennet racing clutch quadrant, world class t-5 tranny, SVT lightened flywheel, short throw shifter, SVT billet fuel pressure regulator, 155 gph SVO fuel pump, strange 373 Posi track rear, dana hardened axles, progressive rate drop springs, lakewood drag 70\30 struts, lakewood drag 50\50 rear shocks, tubular upper and lower rear control arms, polyurethane bushings, sub frame welded connectors, MAC cold air intake, and SVO under drive pulleys. so thats my car, i also have a gt-40 upper and lower intake i will be installing along with SVT 22lb injectors. its a fun car and tha tires spinn with little effort. it makes around 325hp and 315ft. lbs of torque right now, but i want more :D .......i would appreciate any comments or concerns about my car.....thanks
  2. Sounds good, don't kill yourself and post pics :D
  3. you have more than enough hell your not even old enough to drive it by yourself.
  4. I didnt see you mention anything that would get you anywhere close to 325hp. Are you forgetting something?
  5. im tryin to think if i forgot anything, but i do know that tha car was previously owned by a certified ford mechanic an i know he did his own tweaks to it, he may have done somethin that i dont know about yet
  6. Has it been on a dyno or is that just waht desktop tyno says it makes? Never trust artificial dyno software.
  7. naw those #'s are wat tha guy told me, i have no clue whether or not he's done any dyno
  8. but im thinkin it might have something to do w\ tha police interceptor thing...i really have no idea, i wanna dyno it sometime soon though to find out for sure
  9. I'll echo the "don't kill yourself" idea and add in "don't kill anyone else, either."

    I remember all of the stupid stuff I did with a mostly stock 65 289. I can't imagine what I'd have done with something like that.

    Insurance has to be outrageous, too.

  10. yeah, im thinkin if it does have 325hp its got heads, or atleast ported heads and a cam
  11. Cool car man congrats on the purchase. I got my first mustang at 15 it was a 91 LX hatch 5.0 5 speed. The only advice I can give you is becareful in that car noone one here likes hearing about 16 year olds wrecking mustangs or anyone wrecking mustangs for that fact
  12. yeah im not stupid when i drive it, i only race on strait roads, an my dad's gonna send me to some driving schools to.
  13. That is good to hear.
  14. Well your not stupid because you only race on straight (Spelling dude) roads? That is an idiotic statement. You can kill yourself or someone else with that attitude, but hey there will be another FOX body for the scrap yard to salvage off of!
  15. well could we be any more of a jerk about it?? when i mean strait i mean drag strip and not driving it harder than i know i can control...srry about the spelling but i was in a rush, and tha salvage yard will never recieve my fox body because ill never wreck it, and btw, thanks for the warm welcome to the forum...people like u REALLY make me wanna post -sarcasm....oh also, if u wanna race me id be very happy to whip u silly
  16. haha isnt that a story to tell tha guys...."i just got my a** kicked by some 15 year old kid with his dad in the passenger seat" and im no newbie to the world of racing, my dad actually street races a porsche boxter s on friday nights, and i used to drift a 88 cutlass in my trust me, ill be fine