your thoughts on my run

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  1. Went to the track last night. This is only my 3rd time trying to race & first attempt at doing burn outs so, most of my problems are mostly driver eror I would guess but, tell me what ya think. 1.90 sixty foot time, 8.78 at 81.38 mph in the 1/8. Other than completly stripping the interrior of the car, I think all my mods are listed in my sig. Thanks.
  2. I am running [email protected] in my 86 when it was stock. All I did was get electric contour fans,bbk shorty headers, and a tune up. I started off running 9.7-9.5 when I first started. Practice makes perfect. Just keep praticing and your times will go lower. Good Luck and happy racing:flag:
  3. thanks. I'm still kind of new to this. I know I need a lot of practice. one run I missed 2nd and ran a 10.5something.