your thoughts on the Red Interior

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  1. I’m finalizing a deal on a used 05GT its silver with the black leather. I think I would rather have the red over the black. For those with the red leather are you glad you went with red? are there any draw backs? Is it harder to keep clean?
    Any ideas how hard to swap my black to red and where would I find the parts to do so? Thanks.
  2. Red leather is the only way to go. It's such a classic look. Easy to keep clean too!
  3. Porno red FTW !
    Gotta love the classic look.
  4. Depends. I would have prefered a hunter green interior, as it'd go well with the cluster. But I'm not a fan of red, so it was never an option for me. I think red seats would look great in a red body, and fine in any grayscale body (black,gray,white).
  5. Red is a classic, there is no mistaking it, however I think the red is kinda ugly. I dont know why, it just needed look right to me. Im not saying other peopel are wrong, or whatever, and im probably gonna get slammed for saying it, just my $0.02. I think the dark interior will look alot better.
  6. red interior in a 64-70 = :nice:

    red interior in a 05-UP = :nice:

    red interior in a 94GT I went to look at once = :puke:
  7. love the red in my car..very happy with the choice I made
  8. ordering mine with the red, its the hottness... although i wish it were a little less bright, more of a blood red would have been nicer, but still cool nonetheless
  9. Red interior is awesome. I'm very happy with my choice. I get many comments from others. People usually note the classic look right away.

  10. I've seen it =Red on Red= and its stunning! :nice:
  11. The red interior looks awesome, i was just concerned about the long run. No matter how good of condition the car is in, when I look at a used Mustang with red interior, it just doesn't look quite right (classics excluded)
  12. The red seats and door trim look fine. it's the red floor mats that are a little too much to take. My son ordered a silver GT with the red interior and I already have a set of Dark Charcol floor mats for him.
  13. I have the Red on Red, and I love it! People really dig on it whenever they see it.

    I too had to get rid of the red floor mats, it was a little much to handle after a bit. I got myself a pair of black ones.
  14. Red is the way to go, trust me it give the car a better feel and look
  15. there are red take off seat covers on eBay all the time. They sell for about $300.
  16. It's too much red for my tastes. It would be great if it was just an accent package, but it's not. It's red everywhere. The dark leather is very nice, glad I went for it, even though it required me to upgrade to the Premium to get it.
  17. I like it on other people's cars. For my car, though, it's gotta be black.
  18. I'm loving my ICAP! I get good comments on it all the time.
    I keep it conditioned with Zaino's Z-10 (leather in a bottle), and it still looks great.
  19. I always try to get a black leather interior in my cars, but this red leather was just too nice to pass up. I had decided on it the day they showed the production car at the 2004 NAIAS.

    Very happy with how it looks, and it really gives the interior an upscale look.

    It never fails to get compliments when I am showing it to someone.
  20. I agree... perhaps if it were more red and less orange looking.

    When I think red, I have flashbacks to 1993 when they painted the entire dash red... in fact... excuse me...:puke: