Your thoughts on this cold air intake please

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  1. A CAI is a CAI. Most people get them off Ebay if that tells you anything. If that is the best price you are seeing, then pick it up. Spending an extra $100 on a K&N or BBK CAI will maybe net you .333 hp...
  2. eh, i figured. just needed some reassurance. thanks
  3. Are you getting it just for looks? A CAI is a joke.
  4. i have a 347 stroker goin in my car and my tuner said i would be restricting i with the stock air box
  5. get a power pipe from anderson than.
  6. Have you seen the anderson powerpipes?
  7. the stock air box doesnt restrict much of anything - in fact its a more direct route for air to travel - less bends. you might get a little more air by placing the filter in the fender but not a ton. take out your air silencer and you have some decent flow. im not spending money on a CAI unless it comes down to looks myself
  8. no i havent
    That was what i thought. I always usd a k&n in there and i removed the air siencer. I dont know why all these tuners are always so hell bent on cai's.
  9. probably because they are selling them?
  10. Yea I dont see any reason to get one, which is why i said they are a joke.
  11. Those type CAI units can play with the A/F ratio creating turbulance at the bend and creating false reading at the MAF. C&L units are notorious for acting up after the MAC/BBK type CAI units are installed. The tuner may be right on you maxing out the flow cap of the stock setup and the ONLY option IMO is the anderson Power pipe...don't waste money on hype, spend you money on parts that do what's needed.
  12. that is good to know i may reinstall the stock one in my since my car is basically going to be stock anyways.