Your Thoughts On This Intake?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foster9887GT, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. That's the explorer intake/GT-40 knock off. Its a good intake if your looking for cheep, not the best thing out there if your looking to pick up power as compared to other intakes on the market.
  2. The Mustangs from 87-93 have an ACT (air charge temperature) sensor that is installed in a tapped hole in the #5 intake runner. The Explorer intake does not have the hole drilled or tapped because they had the ACT sensor mounted elsewhere. There is a boss on the #5 runner but it hasn't been drilled and tapped for the sensor. So basically you would need to drill and tap the boss on the #5 intake runner if you wanted to keep the sensor in the stock location. Lots of guys, myself included move the sensor to the air box.

    As for the other note about the EGR coolant passage. The Mustangs have a drilled and tapped hole with a barb fitting in it on the passenger side rear corner of the intake manifold. So you have coolant hose from a fitting on the hard heater line going into the EGR spacer and then you have a coolant hose leaving the EGR spacer and going into the fitting at the back of the intake. This provides a loop for the EGR coolant. The Explorers had a different EGR set up and did not have this spot at the back of the intake drilled and tapped. So like with the ACT sensor you would have to drill and tap that spot as well.

    The price is pretty good, IMHO, for an explorer intake and I like the blue accents.
  3. Will i benefit from a better intake on my stock 302? I looked at better intakes but i thought their price wouldnt be worth the small HP gains....Am i wrong?
  4. all depends on your goals with your car and what HP levels you want to reach. That's a decent intake for mild HP gains along w/ other mods but if your looking to make 300 or more at the wheels you wont do it w/ that intake unless you do some massive port work on it.

    Just one single mod wont give you the full HP gain that it can offer you. Often times multiple mods need to be done for the full effect of just a few. Even with a better intake your still restricting air flow coming and and going out if the rest is still all stock.
  5. Like said above, it is a really good, torquey intake for a mild performance 302. My only concern about that one is the painted bolts... How are they going to hold up to being torqued down? I'm sure they'll chip. But 250 isn't bad for a painted and finished one; I paid 175 for mine, and it was rough.
  6. So...It would be better to go ahead a get something better like a Trick Flow intake to be used on my stock engine now & it would be a even better benefit after more mods.....
  7. You could always port the lower on down the road, and make even better power on new components. The only time the Cobra/GT-40/Explorer runs out of usefulness is when you up displacement or start to get into heavy boost. But even then I've seen really good numbers come from well ported examples. TMoss might chime in on this...
  8. I'd offer him $50 less based simply on the fact that he ruined it with all of the gaudy blue paint. :nonono:
  9. If you do go the exploder intake route you'll need a 9/16 drill bit and a 3/8 npt tap for the egr cooler port. I see it has the internal egr passage which is good; and the explorer intake is better than a new Chinese cobra quality wise.

    I wonder what possessed him to paint the part numbers on the lower?:shrug: