Your Thoughts on This Look

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  1. I was planning on adding a hood and some racing stripes in the near future, and wanted to get some feedback from you guys on how you think this would look.

    Currently, I have a 2005 Mustang GT, performance white. It came with black vinyl racing stripes that I removed, because I thought they looked rather cheap, and they were peeling off in some places. Anyway, here is what I plan to do to the car's appearance in the future.

    The addition of this hood with the hood pin kit:


    But I'm going to do a stripe pattern like this car, where the stripes start right at those hood vents, with the stripes running all the way down the bumper:


    Only the stripes will be silver, like this car:


    I'll be getting the stripes painted, not vinyl. Opinions and thoughts?
  2. I don't think I would take the stripes down to the bumper. They're too far apart. But otherwise, sounds good.
  3. Hmmm...could be right, that's something I'll have to consider. Where would you end them?
  4. If I had that hood and wanted the stripes on the car. I would stripe it just like this car you have pictured but in the color you want... silver.

  5. That looks good, but whats wrong with striping all the way down?????? Mine are paint not vinyl:shrug:
  6. the stripes are too far apart, they will look weird if they go all the way down the bumper......I think it'll look sweet if you end the stripes at the back side of the vents, about the same as the car with black stripes, only it will have the vents in it.....
  7. For the wide stripes like these, I agree with Dark - go from the vents back in silver and paint them on. The car will look awesome!
  8. Yup, that's pretty much the only striping option is to end them at the vents. I remember seeing one car once who had stripes that far apart and about that wide and he carried them all the way down. It's looked so bad.
  9. Yeah...but where to end them on the back of the stang? Just paint them on the hood? Or just keep them on the top of the car all the way across?
  10. Ohhh...I see now what you guys are thinking. I'm not talking about going down the front bumper. I want to start the stripes at the back of those vents, and go down the back.
  11. I gotcha. I would still end them before the bumper. I'd either end them right before the end of the trunk, or right at the top of the trunk. Probably a little radius on the corners also. That'd look good.