Your thoughts on this photo

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  1. stangob8.jpg what are your thoughts on my creation?

    (i know this should be in "5.0 talk" but i cant access it. maybe mods could move it?

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  2. My thoughts.... for some reason I thought "323 GTX"
    I love those little GTXs. Looks kinda cool, but maybe use a better quality pic, lol.
  3. As requested moved to talk.
  4. Is that the Mustang that the drives the kids who are...

    Nevermind I can't bring myself to finish that one :nonono:

    Looks kewl!
  5. Did you shrink that in the oven?

  6. Shrinky Dinks?

  7. Yes sir.
  8. looks like wasted time to me I specialize in wasted time :)