Your thoughts on this transmission idea.

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  1. Here's the deal, I have been having some trouble out of my 3650 here lately (which im sure everyone is very surprised a 3650 would give any trouble) and am getting very tired of it. Here is pretty much the low down of the troubles I am going threw:

    Clutch cable stretched
    Quadrant broke
    Shuttering clutch
    Popping out of 2nd gear
    Loud sycro's in EVERY gear
    Clutch slipping

    Pretty much, the transmission need to be rebuilt, it needs a new clutch and flywheel. A friend of mine has a 4R70w that I can get off him REALLY cheap that will also come with a computer for my year model car and an automatic. I plan on making some power with the car and know that the 3650 wouldnt last long so I was planning on eventually putting a T56 in there.

    What would you guys do?
  2. If you decide to go with the 4R, then I would stick with it permanantly and forget about the T56. If you are absolutely dead set on having a T56, then I'd skip on the auto.

    Bottom line is that the 4R70W has been proven to be able to handle a ton of power without failing. It is one hell of a strong Ford tranny.

    For as much as it would probably cost you to swap in a T56, you could a cheap 4R70W + stall + JMOD + gears and be outrunning every manual tranny car at the track. A properly set-up auto will always outperform a manual.....period.
  3. Oh by all means, If I went with an auto then I would stick with an auto and not mess wih a t56. I am just trying to add up in my head how much it going to cost to buy a converter, valve bady and all that jazz. Where are the good places to buy parts for an auto?
  4. The 4R70W is a great trans.
  5. Um, no. Thy're great for the drag strip and one-legged drivers, but for everything else they are merely adequate. You don't have nearly the control with an auto as you do with a manual.

    I'm not knocking autos, but sometimes they don't fit the bill. Not everybody bought their car for drag racing. And on a curvy road or slick pavement I think you'd find a stick is a better tool for the job. In fact, I'd say it's not even a contest on a road course.
  6. i have 4R75W and its been flawless driven hard everyday , make sure you get a 4R70W with a single speed sensor(pre-2004 and some 2003) , get a MHS2(2002 PCM AUTO) pcm off ebay they are easiest to tune and get running and a 2002 and lower Harness for the sake of simplicity.

    a 4R75W PCM is not interchangeable with 4R70W harness and pcm ( it could work but the effort put into is too much to work) , just a heads up , i know because i poked around the subject , if your Odo reading funny low/or no speed signal after swap you got a 4R75W pcm if its sick high you got a 4R75W transmission.

    also your car wont just start when you swap the PCM , you need to tune the new PCM and turn PATS off , otherwise it wont crank up , i dont know if a dealership would reflash your new pcm to your car VIN but you could always try.

    just tossing random ideas for you to consider , sure some of it will come in handy :)

    and id do it in a heartbeat , specially if you have alot of stop/go going on the way to work.
  7. Tee fuddy secks.

    Gather parts, let the 3650 go out in a blaze of powershifting.
  8. It would take about 2 trips down the track with me spraying and power shifter to shatter it, I promise.