Your Thoughts On Which Emblems

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  1. well since I just got my paint job well it is in progress now as we speak I need to get new fender emblems. I was just wondering which emblems do you think i should get, The regular gt emblems, the v6 emblems, or an emblem that you like and that will actually fill in the hole in the fender. So im just wondering what your opinions are.


  2. if you want something different than the stockers which i like, there are 5.0 emblems, and 302 emblems, that i like...
  3. V6 emblems. They look cleaner. Never liked wording on cars.
  4. i was looking at the 99+ GT emblems for mine after paint, but they were gonna be over $50, and i got some new stock ones for $20, and i realized i like them better anyway...i vote stock 94-95 GT emblems:nice:
  5. I just like the good old school pony style side emblems I want to switch to those sometime but am just afraid of removing mine.
  6. if its not to late have them fill the holes and go with no badges.
  7. I was going to have them filled but the guy was asking way to much to do that and my car has been in paint/body repair for 4 days now so i believe they are almost done
  8. I liked these ... so I ******ed a set from a friend. I'm gonna fix them up a bit and put them on.

    EDIT: ^^^ Haha ... I forgot, SN doesn't like us using that word, lol.

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  9. 5.0 badges! I hate the stock badges. 5.0 badges look alot more "business".
  10. what word is that
  11. +1 on the "302" badges, but I also agree on the V6 pony badges, makes it look cleaner while sorta kinda making it a sleeper
  12. ******

  13. Yep. ******.

    J/K man. The word is "S N A T C H".
  14. :rlaugh:
    Now why dont they like that word?
  15. Dude, just say ******* it and go with the 302 emblems. Damn sexy. The 5.0's, in my opinion, are off limits to anyone but the fox's. Of course, I am biased. But I actually like the 302's better. But hey, who the ******* am I?
  16. I like the 302 emblems...