Your Thoughts On Which Emblems

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  1. I've got those 302 emblems above...i like those the best. But i dont get how 5.0 badges are off limits to anyone but fox's....we HAVE a 5.0....maybe im missing something. We can have 302 but not 5.0? :lol: :shrug:
  2. I like those 302 ones the best.
  3. does anyone know where I can get those 302 badges?
  4. Pretty much anywhere that sells mustang parts...
  5. If I had a GT, I would go with the 99-04 GT emblem, just looks clean

    I haven't seen 05+ GT emblems on a SN95 yet.
  6. I agree
  7. I have the 5.0 emblems on the side, I think it looks good. I also took a stock GT emblem and cut the "mustang" part off the bottom so it just has the GT part and put it opposite the ford oval on my trunk, I think that looks awesome as well, so there is another option for you.