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  1. So just got back from looking at a car that might be my new ride. Long story short; I ran across an old friend who used to have a 5.0, asked if I still had mine and made me a fair offer on my car. I told her no but have been looking to see whats out there.

    1987 Mustang GT, 5 speed, 69k (not sure if its actual)
    Black car with T-tops and a Beige Interior.

    I was thrown off by the interior but I know its rare to see them and this one is in very nice shape. I have always wanted T tops so as much as it would hurt to watch my 89 drive off, it would be nice to have a new car to play with.

    This 87 doesnt drive nearly as nice as my 89, but with the car swap I would have money in my pocket to upgrad the suspension very nicely. What do ya think?
    How rare is the t-top, beige interior?
  2. uhh... its up to you... if you have the time and the desire I say go for it.

    t-top aero? I would drop my coupe for one in a second.
  3. Yeah. with a beige interior....go find another one.
  4. T-Top aero with a rare interior? IDK man, that is pretty tempting.
  5. Don't do it. I miss my fox to death and wish I had never sold it. I even stepped up to a better car.
  6. Yeah, but 1987 is the same car i am working with in my 89....
  7. I hate my t-tops so I say nay, but it's your car and what you want it is up to you
  8. T-tops are going to leak like a sonofa****. Been there, done that, never again.
  9. Ah....My car get driven 2000 sunny miles a year at most and sits in my garage when not in use. The guy claims they don't leak and I am not too worried about it. I am really intrigued but this Tan interior, at first I was kinda bummed about it, but sitting in it and driving it all worked some how.
  10. Sand beige interior is pretty rare. I've only seen one car with that color interior in all of my gawking at Mustangs. As "that guy" on the forum that's done quite a few trades, (some notorious, some not so much) I'd recommend that if you have a real emotional connection with your current car, then don't trade it off. Money on top is nice, but you'll always be chasing the feel of the car you loved and traded off. If you're trading down plus cash but intend on putting that cash right back into the car to get it to the same level as the car you just traded, it's kind of a pointless little feedback loop. That's just my opinion, take it as you will.
  11. Nope... Unless you're getting a smoking deal on the other car, and a smoking deal by selling off this one, stay away. You know everything about your car. Stay with what you know... don't fix what ain't broke.

  12. I've got most of a beige/tan interior out of an 87(?) Coupe in my attic. found it in a 4cly jy car and grabbed it up. only thing missing was the back seat
  13. I love me a T-top car, BUT, these guys are right- if your current car has sentimental value, don't let it go. If not, jump right into the T-top car and love life.

    Easy solution: Don't drive it in the rain. Sounds like Dave already has that covered, though.

    For about 3 months out of the year, my T-tops sit in their bags inside the hatch. They usually come off in late May/early June and don't go back on until September. I drive the car a LOT, but only on sunny days, and it gets garaged every night, so I pretty much have no use for a closed roof in the summer.

    But then again, I can see how if you drive your car in the rain or you wash it very frequently, yea, it's going to be a problem.

  14. Hahaha, who does that? :shrug:
  15. ...I am having a hard time in my mind letting go of my 89. I know the car front to back, spents countless hours under it, wedding pictures, and a bunch of other memories. I could keep them both but cannot justify that in my head. Maybe its better to just be content with what I have.
  16. If you can, just by it out right. I know in the economy thats kinda hard (I know I cant at the moment). But if you cant I would stick with the 89!!!:flag:
  17. Keep the car you have, like you said you know it inside and out and it looks sweet anyways! Never been a fan of the t-top cars really and inviting a leak into the interior...whether you drive it in the rain or not isn't something I'd want.
  18. How about option C.... buy the car, swap the interiors, then sell the car? You'll probably get what you're buying it for anyway if you think it's a good deal in the first place. Don't even bother wasting money on tags and insurance. Just park her in the driveway and swap what you want.
  19. Yes, but you would be getting rid of YOUR car. The one you've put blood, sweat, and tears into to make it what you want. Are you willing to give all of this up for another project? Why not continue to build your car?
  20. I think you'll miss your current car ... a lot. Especially from a performance/driving standpoint. The difference for me is that the beige interior doesn't excite me much and I've already done t-tops (85GT). They're cool but I can't say I miss them. If your '89 was on the decline and looking tired it would be a different story. As it sits now there's no way I would give that super clean GT for a stocker.