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  1. Wedding pictures, what? Who does that? :D

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  2. Tough call. At times I do miss my old 87 GT T-top. But it had it's fair share of problems and my current 89' LX is CLEAN and I've built it from stock. So I don't think I would do the trade.
  3. Ha - I had the same feelings when I bought my car with an all BLUE interior. You know what though, they are few and far between. (mine i've never seen before cause EVERYTHING is blue, and its super clean) Everyone has a gray, black or red interior.. The blue and tan ones you never see - well more so Tan then blue... But even so, i have never seen a blue interior as BLUE as mine thats why its staying! LOL!


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  4. How's the paint on both cars, yours and the new one?

    Paint is about the only thing that can't be done cheap or easy.
  5. I loved my 86 t-top, but with DFW weather and non-functional A/C it was about worthless to drive about 10 months out if the year. I kept my 93 LX 5.0 that I bought new instead due to sentimental value.

    Tan interior is rare, I have only seen a handful with it. It is also harder to find replacement interior replacement parts too.
  6. ive seen one tan interior on a fox and it was a vert and it looked like chit, they didn't make many for a reason. If your really wanting a t-top then save yo money and buy one outright, keep the 89 .
  7. Right where my head is...
    Both my car and the car i am looking at have been repainted, and the car I am looking at actually has a niceer paint job than my current. There is a door ding on the Ttop car but I could have it fixed and repainted for cheap
  8. Well, then i'd say go for it.
    Your car isn't that heavily modded or customized that you couldn't reproduce it easily.
    I'd love to have a t top, unfortunately i'm way too deep in my car to ever consider it.

    As far as the brown interior, i wouldn't let it make or break the decision.
    I believe in the saleen book there is pictures of a nice brown interior car, i'll look when i get home.
  9. Tough call. T-top's are pretty awesome but you should probably keep your car and add a t-top car down the road if you really want one.
  10. I would do it, I have always wanted a car with Beige interior and have contemplated changing out my black interior to do so.
  11. First off.. This forum commends you for keeping your Fox and in such a pristine condition! Your 89 is truly clean and beautiful. I think you would forever miss it. Another Con on selling: You're selling to a woman and she'll wreck it! ;-)
    If you're really that bored or just like tinkering on the five ohs purchase a poor condition t-top and build it from the ground up. That way you keep your daily driver and when you have weekend/evening time you can play on yer toy.