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  1. What are you guys thoughts on the complete Eibach Pro System.

    Comes with Pro-Kit, dampers, and front and rear sway bars.

    It is a very reasonably price as of now as well.


    I have the Roush stage 3, but now i seen this and might have to grab this as well.

    Do you think it will be a good system to have?
  2. Wait, you already have the Roush Stage 3? Than why would you buy something else !?
  3. Well the Stage 3 only lowers the car about 3/4 to 1 inch. (from two different websites)

    I have always been a fan of Eibach as well. I had their springs on my other car.

    I do not have the Stage 3 installed yet, going to wait till Spring, but for this price; I cannot pass up the Eibach Pro-System Package.

    It was $1,200 and now its only $850.

    So my question is, would it be a good package, will the shocks and sway bars be a good upgrade from the stock, I already know the springs are fantastic.

  4. Roush sells a set of springs to lower the car further than the regular Stage 3 springs, here is a link to a set for $210. If you already have the Stage 3 kit, I would keep it, they have a good reputation for handling without a huge hit in ride quality.

    Stage 3 Motorsports 2005-09 Mustang Roush Extreme Lowering Kit
  5. Just install the Stage 3 kit. It's not worth it to get something else. If you want to lower the car more, which I would, I'd just get the Steeda Sport springs or the Eibachs. Both are great springs. To sell the Stage 3 to get the Eibach kit would be stupid, IMO. The Roush shocks are better than the Eibachs IMO.

    This is my car with Tokico D-Specs, Steeda Sport springs, BMR Adj. Panhard Bar with the brace, BMR Billet LCAs, and Steeda sway-bars. It handles awesome and rides great !!

    View attachment 298604
  6. Interesting, Money is really not an issue at this point in time. I think I will still pick-up the Eibach Pro-Kit springs, and maybe look into other shocks, since you say the Eibachs may not be top notch.

    I always thought that a kit would be cheaper, let alone all the same manufacturer.

    I'll keep the stage 3, but more or less going to go with the Eibachs and some other shock setup.

    I'll have to price out the Tokico's and some Eibachs, but don't know what sway bars I should get. I can almost bet that if I order them all seperately they will be over $1,400; which is more than most packages.
  7. Wait. What all does the Stage 3 come with?
  8. The Roush Stage 3 package comes with shocks, struts, springs and swaybars. It is basically the same as the Stage 2 with slightly different tuning on the shocks and struts. According to Roush the Stage 2 is tuned for the weight of their cast aluminum wheels while the Stage 3 is tuned for their lighter forged wheels and the weight of the Roushcharger. Must be nice for money to not be an issue though.
  9. That's what I thought ... I don't understand why this guy is asking what sway bars he should get ... :shrug::shrug: