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  1. my grandad has a 95 mustang gt and he's talking about handing it down to me. it's black with a black interior and a black convertible top 5.0 5 speed chrome cobra rims and a couple of minor mods. he's going to give it to me since he'll still have his roush. my question is do do i leave the interior alone. i live in GA and the summers get really hot esp. w/ black leather. also how would you mod it? what would it take to beat the roush?
  2. Do not touch black leather interior! :nono:

    Depends how much you wanna spend. What year is the Roush ?
  3. They stopped making 5.0's in 94 :shrug: ..dont touch the interior :nono:
  4. Wrong, 95 was the last year of the 302 5.0 in Mustangs.

    Yeah we need more info on the Roush...
  5. My bad i wasnt sure ....but anyways give us info on the Roush
  6. the roush is a 2006 stage 3 pushing 450 hp and 415 torque i doubt those are rear wheel numbers but i'm not sure
  7. Well a blower, intercooler, longtubes, gears, intake, tune and a whole slew of suspension mods and your good to beat the rouch :nice:
  8. Just tint the windows. As long as your A/C works fine, black leather is managable.
  9. It's a low 12 second car with a good driver. With grandpa maybe a little slower.
    A good H/C/I swap with traction should get you in front of him. :nice:
    Or a SC w/ 8-12lbs of boost should do it also. (Just change the intake)
  10. just put the top down :p

    or if conv. tops get too it for my 90 :shrug:
  11. if it's a low 12 car then it'll run low 12's when he's racing it.
    H/C/I? i don't think i've seen that term, but i usually hang out in the 2.3 forum
  12. h/c/i means heads, cam, intake