Your tire combo on 17x9 rims

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  1. What's your tire combo ?

    Mine will be 245/45/17 in the front and 275/50/17 in the back.

    Anyone with that combo willing to post a pic, see how badass it looks!
    Thanky :D
  2. 255/40/17 in front

    275/40/17 in rears

  3. Looks great Caldwell, do you have any "ass" shots ? :p
  4. of the car? or of me? :D

    I was flippin through my archive... this is unfortunately the best ass shot i have (that turned out nicely)


    I owe you a nice ass shot for next time :p
  5. Ewwww, not about you, neither the car... of your GF!!!!

  6. ROFL

    i think i'll have to catch her off guard sleeping, rip the covers back and take a quick snapshot :D

    that will probably be easier than i thought
  7. .... or just tell her to wear a nice white skirt... girls likes to wear skirts and to show them! anyway, that's what my gf told me :rolleyes: :D
  8. Now there's an Ass shot that all of us can appreciate.

    I'm gonna put an ass-shot (of my car) in the mix. 275/45R17 all around. (Putting on flame-suit for comments about my 96-98 tails). BTW, until I get more mods done to the car, I can tell people it's the stupid 4.6 with the non-PI heads. :D Maybe after I do the 6-speed swap and build up the engine, I'll go back to the horizontals.


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  9. Nice illwood, keep the ass shots coming guys :)
    I'll add mine tomorrow evening!
  10. interesting... LOL
    i'll be honest, i'll take a hot ass pair of tight pair of pants over a skirt anyway.
    i feel like there's always a guessing game with skirts, never been a big fan :D

    Dude, if you want, i'll do a switch with you for tails
    i want a set of 96-98 tails... (flame suit on)
    I like them more to be honest.

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  11. These are with 275's all the way around. I actually just put 1" spacers on but don't have pics yet. The spacers made a world of difference.




  12. Damn, that Cobra R hood looks wicked badass (can you tell I'm from New England). I really need to get mine (Fox TB is rubbing a bit).

    Ha! Another convert to the "dark side" :D

    I still like the 96-98's for now and I kept the originals and the wire-harness sections for the original 94's in the shed.

    BTW Doug, aren't you supposed to be working on hooking us up with a shot of your GF's butt?

  13. That's what we'r waiting for :D
  15. I appreciate the compliment. When I got it mocked up on the car unpainted, it scared the hell out of me. It looked so damn big I was scared it would look ridiculous. After painted though; I thought to myself, "That looks mean as hell."
  16. Thanks bud. I'll have some new pics up in a few days with the spacers on and the fog ligts that I'm putting in tomorrow.
  17. i got 275/40/17 eagle f1's up fron and bfg 275/40/17' drag radials out back
  18. Your welcome sounds cool. :nice:
  19. hehe guys the tires are on and i should've taken soem 255s for the front.. i have almost 0 rim protection in front... damnit.. not that bad tough ill have to be extra careful, pics will come tonight
  20. 275/40 on back
    255/40 front..

    My rims are more like 9.5" though.