Your tire combo on 17x9 rims

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  1. 255s on 9.5'' , is it a bit tight ?
  2. Caldwell, what are your tricks to clean chrome ?

    I mean when there's only human fingers crap on it it's easy, but say there's some dust stuck on the chrome, do you just spray the wheel with water try to get the dust off ? Then you apply your chrome protector wax stuff ? What about the interior of the rim ? Do you use a sponge to clean it ? How do you do it ? What are the products youre using ? School a chrome newbie :nice:
  3. no problemo, i'm still a noob at many things myself.

    tricks to clean chrome.
    I start by getting a bucket, i pour mequiar's soap
    and hose water. I use a washer's mitt

    and i'll hose my rims off first. then i just wash the rims with the soap and water... and rinse... same thing for the insides of the rim. the soap and water works friggin wonders...
    then i dry them off with a towel.
    i then apply this chrome polisher:
    it's mother's chrome polish...
    i lather it on till it dries like a white film, and wipe off with a clean towel.

    at the beginning and end of each season, i'll apply a wax coat by hand...
    anything works, i typically use either mother's or meguiar's 3rd step... and wipe off.

    i use a LOT of rags when i clean my car, so i'll go out and buy a "bag o' rags" each time before cleaning.


    and no i don't buy the bag because our car is on it :D

    hope this helps, any other qs, just ask man! :nice:
  4. We sell those rags at Sherwin-Williams but we sell 10 lb boxes for $16. Its a pretty good deal IMO.

    Are those Khumo Ecsta 711s?
  5. yeah man :nice:
    the best deal for rags you'll ever get.

    that bag right there is under $4... and usually i'm good for about two cleans with those rags (i over use rags for EVERYTHING)
    windows - new rag (sometimes two)
    polishing wheels - new rag
    cleaning headlights - new rag
    polishing car - 4 rags (approx)
    doing the black trim around car with back to black - new rag...
    plastix by meguiars for the tails - new rag...
  6. I just wish we had a cool Mustang on the box. :D
  7. so you basically wash the rims with a mitt just like you're washing your body, you wipe it off, then apply the polisher and tadam?
  8. They're actually Fuzion Zri's (Bridgestone makes them). The treadwear rating was 320 so I figured I would give them a try. They're not to bad for the street.
  9. They look more like the 712s in any they not? :shrug:
  10. Finallllly!

    All pics are there... As you guys can see on the pic the tires are a bit "bubbled" in front cuz the 9'' rim is too wide for the Flaken 245s.. no rim protection but i'll be extra careful i guess... I'm not posting them here because they'r 1600x1200 and i'm too lazy to resize!


  11. pretty much dude
    nothing too fancy, just a lot of tlc

    nice pics btw... the rims look nice
    the lower your car, the better the rims will look.
  12. Must of removed it. I will try to find it
  13. when i had the 95 r's it was 255-45-17's all the way around.
  14. green, how'd ya like that set-up? 255/ 45's all around? i just got my machined 17x9 03 cobras in:drool: but im debating tire sizes as well. i know i want the BFG's because i found a set for real cheap that rated real well on, i think i want the same size all around so i can at least rotate them from front to back, but i love the look of 275's in the rear. anyone else, what are your thoughts on 255's in the back, not nearly wide enough?? i think as long as it doesnt look like its bubbling in on the wheel ill be all set
  15. I also have 255/45's and I would have to say that they look fine from behind. They would look a lot better with some spacers, though.

    One of the problems I had with 275/40's was that they made my car look kind of "tippy-toed." The car looks lower now, with the 255's, thanks to them filling the wheel well out a little more.