Your Top 5!

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  1. For some the warm weather is just around the corner and it's time to get the stangs going and the mod money flowing.

    Got mine last year, drove it stock for the summer and now I'm bitten by the bug that seems to have infected this place.

    Which would YOU consider the top 5 mods to do first?
  2. 1) Driver Mod

    After that, figure out exactly what you want to do with your car and be as purposeful as possible.

    Popular mods tend to be;

    2) Exhaust (LT's, Mid-Pipe, Cat-Back) - any of which, pick based on sound.
    3) Gears - no less than 4.10 n/a, with a power adder you may want to carefully reconsider.
    4) Suspension work. It will be the foundation towards taking you to your end goal with the car. Just don't do something silly like get Eibach Sportlines or H&R supersport springs if you want to drag race.
    5) Practice and more practice.
  3. #1 F/I

    it is often overlooked because of price but it is the best bang for the buck
  4. lol, i crack up all the time at this site's view of a daily driver w/ 4:10's - a must!


  5. I would do(as a street setup):
    1, Short Throw shifter
    2(or 4). Cat Back Exhaust+Xpipe
    3. Gears+A handheld tuner
    4(or 2).Springs, Shocks, subframe connectors, Rear LCA's, C/C plates, and Alum rack bushings.
    5. From here on out you are wasting money unless you go fi in the power department, and any future suspension mods depends on your plans for the car
  6. I think Squares has it summed up just perfect. It really depends on your plans are with the car. Keep some deep dishes in mind.
  7. 1) 03/04 Cobra engine/computer/wiring harness/accessories/etc
    2) Full exhaust
    3) Slicks
    4) Tune
    5) KB and tune
  8. 1) gears
    2) FULL exhaust (LTs, midpipe, catback)
    3) cams
  9. Ouch! I wish....but then I would have just bought a cobra and got rid of number 1.

    I did already buy black deep dish bullitts, they are in the mail.

    Going to order spring when they arrive after I find out what customs is going to charge me.
  10. :nice: :cheers:
  11. streetstang03 said it perfect...

    I wouldnt change a thing
  12. I have the 4.10's on a dd, and love them, but wish I would have gotten 4.30's instead.
  13. 4.30 gears and a big ass turbo.
  14. 1) 8 x T88 turbos
    2) 400 shot nawwwwwz to help the spool time
    3) AWD drivetrain conversion
    4) Titanium body conversion
    5) And wings... To fly
  15. Lay off the crack senor:D
  16. Top 5 no particular order...

    1-Gear 4.10s is a must for N/A applications
    2-Aftermarket Shifter
    3-Exhuast, at least a catback and midpipe (H or X)
    4-Refill blinker fluid
    5-Shorty antenna
  17. 4 should be the first mod
  18. Synthetic or not? :shrug: I'm still new here! :lol:
  19. 1 - short block
    2 - fuel system
    3 - twin turbo kit
    4 - heads & turbo cams
    5 - new rims

  20. I believe I have seen this elsewhere here.

    Dont be afraid of the gears!!!

    I love my 4.30's!!