your turn stangnet.

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  1. vids up there now...had to upload it again..didnt have sound the first time.
  2. that moped does better burnouts than ryans man-magnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :lol:
  4. Nuts? Prob a much stronger word wouldnt hurt to use...

    Anyways, Ryan your getting better at it. Some practice and you'll be doing some pretty good burnouts. Then once you get good at them you will figure out that it wasent really worth the $300 a month or so on tires! Been there, done that. Then you'll figure out the only good time for burnouts is just when you need to heat up your tires. I have no idea why anyone would feel the need to get them hot on the street though... :shrug:

  5. my biggest thing is everytime i think ive found a good road ill come back the next days and cars are all over.
  6. Dont you worry, some day your going to find some road thats perfect and you'll be there everyday after you get out of school.
  7. Yeah, that was fun. And like I said on YTube...I would never do that again...but yeah, that was fun!
  8. wheres the burnouts at then? :flag:
  9. Oh, I keep doing burnouts, but I'll never mudd in my 'Stang. Especially with my GT500's.
  10. lol i remember the spot back in highschool used to be right in front of mr. bentley's house... hahaha
  11. you let me down man...were both riding pretty low in representing the lx vert's :rlaugh:
  12. yeah, well that's your opinon. LOL