Your ultimate 5.0 lawn machine awaits you.......

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    that thing was and still is hideous.

  2. I agree :nonono:
  3. ugly yes, cool yes.

    red interior in a green car....always a terrible idea.

    BUT i remember watching that show and i guess i never realized it was a fox until now
  4. Hmm...I'm not usually a big fan of crap but I'd rock that in the summer.

    Lose the dayton's and throw on some 96-98 cobras..all black interior. :shrug:
  5. Yeah....I guess that's pretty neat. my Lawnmower would eat it for breakfast!!! :D

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  6. That was a cool show - and that episode was a good one
  7. Jesus drives a notchback with gold daytons on it
  8. We need to keep a thread as a sticky that has nothing but funny posts from other threads in it. I'll start it by nominating this one.
  9. LOL, I cant take full credit for that one, a friend of myne had recently gotten back from USAF training when i had the blower on my car, and we used to cruise around all the time, and one day he was just like this car is great, if God drove a car if would be a notchback... on daytons, and i just lost it. those were the good ol' days.
  10. Ha, well, did you at least add the "gold" part on your own? :D
  11. I just fell on the floor from laughter :rlaugh:

    I can see a photoshop from someone being posted soon
  12. I bet he listens to Slayer while he's driving it.
  13. Some of you guys kill me lol..your worried about how the car lookks when theres a deck hanging off the back.

    Id like to know how big the deck is. I could use that thing at my house.

    Hmmm...*Cutting grass at a 100mph...*:D
  14. OMG somebody needs to die. Mustangs everywhere are mourning for this poor Mustang. But though i guess this one's nickname could literally be "Hack Job" :rlaugh: