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Which upholstery would you rather have in your ride?

  1. 2001 Bullitt Seat Upholstery

  2. 2001 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery

  3. 2003-04 Mach 1 Seat Upholstery

  4. 2003-04 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery (if so, what color suede?)

  1. Which seat would you rather have in your ride??

    01 Cobra Seats

    01 Bullitt Seats

    03-04 Cobra Seats

    - if so, which color suede?

    03-04 Mach 1 Seats

    We're gearing up to drop the 94-98 and 99-04 GT upholstery and foam VERY soon, and i'm curious which of these premium seats TMI should tackle next? We'll be offering the foams in addition to the upholstery, so any 99-04 Mustang seat can be transformed into one of the premium seats listed above by just adding new foam/upholstery!

  2. I would love to have some Mach one seats in my car...
  3. 03-04 Cobra seats, hands down. Absolutely love the way they feel and look.

    I don't know what color this is called, but this is what I'd love to put in my car if I ever had the funds for it.


    Take the Snake off, and put a GT logo on in its place....:drool:

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  4. Wow... that's kind of a hard call. I love the 03 04 Cobra seats... but love the retro look of the Mach 1's. I'd have to go with the Mach 1's just to be original though. I've seen alot of people do the 03 04 Cobra seats..

    My vote is Mach 1....

    Any free samples? ha! :nice:
  5. I'm biased, but they are pretty comfortable I think. I've been in an '04 Cobra, but not long enough to have an opinion of how well they feel after long distances.
  6. I've ridden in both for a decent amount of time, and I definitely like the Cobra seats better.

    Mach 1 seats are still nice, especially with the retro look, and would be my 2nd choice.
  7. Which ever dosn't have me sliding all over the dang car!

  8. Agree, I want Cobra seats in my car, but dont want the Cobra logo.
  9. I hear ya on this one - in that case, the 01 Bullit or 01 SVT would be your best bet, they have the heaviest bolsters. Those things will hold you in place for sure!

    As far as comfortable goes - the 01 Bullit & SVT share the same foam as do the 04-04 Mach's and SVT's - so it's all about appearance!
  10. TMI is currently Ford Licensed to do the 'Running Pony Logo' but not for the Cobra or GT logo's just yet - if the want/need is there we'll def. look into it.
  11. A pony would be fine or the 99-04 GT font. I also like black suede more than the grey.
  12. I'm kinda partial to the 03-04 Cobra Seats my self. They are extremely comfortable and they hug you in the curves. Mine are starting to show some wear and I need them redone but they are awesome to ride in still.
  13. I'm curious why almost 90 people have viewed this thread... but only 10 have voted??

    Thanks to those that have!!
  14. +1 for the Termi seats without the emblem. As for the suede?

    Offer the seat with as many color options for the suede as there are dash color variants so that the new seat covers can be tied in with the rest of the interior. Keep the rest of the seat, black (or whatever that is in the pic above).
  15. This is the only tan seat I have ever liked. It would be a toss up between this or the black center for me when I buy.



    I will be buying late next year sometime, so if they are available I will check you guys out.

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  16. I know alot of GT owners would love to have some of the headrests too. Is there any plans on making them available by themselves?
  17. I constantly long to have black and gray 03-04 Cobra seats in my car. All that suede....
  18. I voted for Mach because of the look and feel, I really like the silver stripe in them plus the suede in the Terminators can get pretty hot esp on a warm day if you like to cruise with the windows down.
  19. I voted, but it was more or less random. And I am not looking to buy new seats/foam+covers for my car, so I'm not sure my input is super helpful.

    It would be nice to see pics of the seats in question to make an informed choice.

    I will say I like the perforated leather of my stock '03 GT seats on hot days, but I have little exposure to the suede insert Cobra seats. I would like more bolstering and perhaps suede on the back bolsters with a perforated leather center back panel. And maybe a suede insert on the bottom with durable leather bolsters. (as the outside bolster sees the most wear).