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Which upholstery would you rather have in your ride?

  1. 2001 Bullitt Seat Upholstery

  2. 2001 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery

  3. 2003-04 Mach 1 Seat Upholstery

  4. 2003-04 SVT Cobra Seat Upholstery (if so, what color suede?)

  1. I voted 03-04 Cobra, but I like my '99 Limited Edition seats better. Just something about silver and black...ohh so sexy.

  2. Oh, those are on the list as well!
  3. That's good, because I am in love with them. Lol.

    Will you be doing leather door inserts like you do with the 05-07? I ask, because I have been trying to find the leather silver inserts for my '99, as they are becoming worn. I have scoured the interwebs, but I really couldn't find anything.
  4. I know this isn't on the list, but seriously, I love the 6 way w/lumbar leather seats in my 98 SVT Stang Cobra. I've had 4 back surgeries and I can sit longer in my Stang than any where else. Sorry for buttin in ...
  5. 03/04 Cobra with Black on Black. I am currently an owner of Corbeau's but might be willing to change back to a Ford seat if the price was right..
  6. Voted 03/04 cobra, but what is the difference between those and the 01 cobras?
  7. Cobras. Grey suede on dark charcoal leather. With a matching convertible top boot in leather / suede.:nice: No logo needed on the seats.

    Like that, but in black / grey. Would look sick with my Black / Grey interior.

    Mach are sweet too!

    PLEASE make us a decent convertible top boot. The stock POS they shipping after 99 didnt fit at all from the moment it left the dealership. Theres a big market for those I'm sure.

  8. '01 cobra's had the horseshoe backrest - meaning the suede didn't go all the way up to the headrest, they shared the foams w/ the bullitt. The 03-04 however, did have the suede go all the way up to the heardrest (and actually shared foams w/ the mach 1's)

    Google'em you'll see.
  9. I hear ya and i can say that the Sn95 boot is on our 'to do list' but it will take some time as the molds have to be made out of the ABS plastic. I'll keep you guys posted you can be sure, but i would guess sometime next 2012 we'll be rolling those out.
  10. Mach 1

    not a big fan of the suede in the Cobra's...VERY hard to keep clean, and can be real hot in the sun (ewww back sweat)
  11. Hurry up and make a seat cover and foam for the 94-98 mustang! I need one for autocross racing but don't want to buy a true race seat because it is expensive and a pita to install.
  12. 03-04 cobra seats with out the snake in the middle
  13. Part numbers are done, patterns are done, finishing up matching the leather/vinyls and we'll have'em available in a week or so! I know Latemodel Resto and CJ Pony are chomping at the bit (pun intended) to get these seats up - keep an eye on those two sites in the next few weeks!:nice:

  14. Well, a great option we'll be able to offer is the Cobra pattern w/ a custom material in the insert. So picture leather bolsters, vinyl sides and back and an interlude insert (like the tweed in the foxes). Keep the style but not the discomfort :nice:
  15. OTOH...I know where you can get some Mach 1 seats to use for patterns ;)
  16. Oh yeah? Shoot me an email, i'm def. interested!
  17. ... and of course you'll need some 86 seats to make the Fox/Cobra pattern too. :D
  18. BTW guys... some big news I'd say.

    We are also going to be releasing the Mach 1 & Cobra patterns to fit on the 94-98 Seat upholstery!!

    So all of you early SN95 guys can swap your upholstery to a custom Cobra or Mach 1 style w/o having to change your seat frames!

    Soon my friends ... soon!!

  19. Any idea if you will be offering the colored door inserts?
  20. Haven't had the opportunity to get a close look at one. Think you could snap a picture and PM it to me?

    If it is simply foam/vinyl covered insert that fits into the door panel that would definitely be an option. I would have to look into it a bit more.

    Pics would help for the time being though!!