your worst gas mileage

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  1. Whats the absolute worst gas mileage you've ever gotten in your stang, for whatever reason? Doesn't matter if it's 100% city or what. Lets just see the numbers (and your mods if they're not in your sig).

    100% city, driving like a maniac, I got 8mpg about a month ago.

    Though even driving very conservatively in the city, I can't do much better than 13. Its not until I hit the highway for long periods of time that I get in the upper teens, low 20's.
  2. the lowest bout 11(guess), after tune up right at 20 w/7000 mi black oil.
    94gt vert all stock, sepfor ac bypass, cobra 1.72's
  3. umm im guessing the really low teens...
    97 gt vert. with o/r x macs and a drop in K&N filter..

    but that was when i was doing burnouts, and on the gas almost 24/7
  4. The worst I got was 15mpg. Both city and highway. That's when I first got my 3.73 gears though:D I had a lead foot for a while but now I drive conservatively.
  5. 15, for some reason my car gets really good mileage, even with a supercharger...on the highway i still get in the low 20's
  6. Wow. My Cobra's worst mileage is 20. I always get between 20 and 25. Of course most of my miles are freeway.

    Now my Capri has seen 8MPG.
  7. 13mpg and i'm blown.
  8. The lowest ive ever seen in either of my mustangs was 19.2mpg. and thats when i was beating it. both are stock but my red car has o/r h and flows.
  9. i got 7MPG with the s/c and stock trans at MW 2 years ago. i filled up once a day.

    i did get 22MPG with the blower, viper trans, and 3.90's a few months back
  10. I get between 15-16 on the average, probally about 20-21 on the highway. Not too bad I guess.
  11. i get real bad gas mileage for some reason and i dont really beat on it.......i put about 15 buck in a day and only drive about 20 miles on the highway and a little city
  12. lowest I've got was 9mpg after a full day at the track. Worst I've got city was 11mpg and worst I've got all highway was 27mpg (I dirve nice on the freeway I guess)
  13. 15...19 is your guys worst?? :eek:
    you must not really be driving it like it should be driven. :D
    i have gotten 9.5 - 11mpg a few times (for 1/2 a tank of gas) on several occasions with a basically stock GT just cruisin around town for the day.
  14. Worst here is a cool 8mpg. Best I've seen was 27mpg all highway, with the cruise locked on 80 the whole tank.
  15. 16 mpg- straight city driving.
  16. 16.5, mostly city driving.
  17. 9 miles to the gallon in my 98 GT driving 100% city.
  18. 7.5 mpg at Putnam Park road course in Indiana.
  19. 150 miles to a tank of gas. Basically i was driving like a jerk revving out each gear with the A/C on.

    Best ever so far was 325ish miles to a tank. No A/C, 5th gear all highway, cruise control when i can, drive like i'm stepping on an egg