your worst gas mileage

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  1. The worst the Cobra ever got was 16 and that was the first couple days I had it and drove like a moron. My 89 GT could only muster 11.3 on its best day, AOD's suxor :nonono: The92 GT could get 15 on the highway, dont know what the city was as I have to take the highway to get anywhere.
  2. I got 17mpg highway this past weekend going from Copperas Cove to San Antonio. I was on state highways the whole way, doing 35-70mph the whole time. I think the 4.10's are killing me. The bad news is that in January, I have to drive cross country from San Antonio to Sacramento, CA :eek:
  3. 13 before tune driving conservatively, 16 after tune and driving a little more like an ass :D
  4. well my car is just wierd, driving nice half the tank, then beating on it the other half, i got better mpg beating on her, but only hit 160 for the tank.. all city
  5. Any KB guys wanna chime in with what they get? 8-10 is pretty regular for me now if I don't get any highway miles in. And I actually don't drive as crazy as I did before the supercharger since I get up to speed so much faster, and because it's basically pointless to floor it in 1st gear...

    I took a big hit in gas mileage when I got the supercharger, and figured it was normal. But now I see there are only a few here getting as low as I am, and they're not even all supercharged. Meanwhile some s/c'd stangs are getting a lot better...

    Anyone know why mine could be so bad? It was tuned at MPH so I doubt it was a bad tune.