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  1. ok im limited on time so im going to make this short.

    As most of you know i wrecked my coupe a few weeks back. Ithought it was ruined but i found out today it is salvagable. ( will post pics below) the owner of a local body shop came to my house today and told mr if i buy all the parts he will fix it for $1800. so far the only thing good up front is the bumper support and frame rails.

    And here comes the twist. ttop88 offered me a 86 hatcback that is in good shape. but he is 13 hours away and it is going to cost approximately $600 to get there and back. (rental truck, rental trailor, gas and food). so should i go get this car and follow through with the swap. FYI this is what i had planned to do before i found out my car is fixable.

    seeings how my car is fixable im keeping it so should i use the donation money to help fix my car or use it to get the 86 hatch.

    PRO'S : the 86 only needs minor body work.
    my coupe has a brand new drivetrain and five lug swap.
    the 86 was a 4 banger car so cheaper insurance
    my coupe is an origanl ssp car

    CON'S : the 86 is 13 hours away and has no motor or transmission
    my coupe needs a new front end
    so either i save 6-$700 dollars on the 86 and swap all of my drivtrain and fivelug stuff (pain in the ass) or i fix my car.

    and for everyone who is confused about whats going on.
    a link to my progress thread
    a link to my wreck thread
    a link to th 86 hatch

    and here are few picturwes i took today of the car. i pulled the front end out with a 1 ton chain hoist.



    and from this pinch weld forward on both sides can be removed and replaced




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  2. PERSONALLY, i'd save the money, take the 86 and swap everything over (refer to all the pro's you listed) and just park the coupe. when time/money permits, take your time and rebuild the ssp to it's once glorious state and have TWO badass stangs. this is only if you have the time and will to do the swap, otherwise fix the coupe.
  3. i have nothing but time. and i want to go to a 351 in my coupe anyways. i want the 86 bad too. :(
  4. well you just answered your own question! :nice:
  5. And use black wire with a ring terminal next time you run a ground wire.
  6. If you can get it fixed for $1800. I'd let the fool do it! That is half what it should be. I would love to see you get the ssp fixed. The choice is yours. 86 is still yours if you want it.
  7. Go for the '86. :nice:
  8. I'd say if the 86 has a clean title I'd swap it all over, just my personal opinion.
  9. Unless he turned his car over to the insurance company, his car still has a clean title. It only has a infraction on a carfax.
  10. I would fix the coupe, pull the motor and while you have it out weld all the holes under the hood and paint it real nice to match, and sence you have the fenders off hide all the wiring.your in a great position right now.
  11. i'd go with the 86, and after thats all done you can have another project car for yourself while having a nice DD, 351s are funnnnn :)
  12. that bout sums it up right there!
  13. hmmm, i thought you said the floor of the ssp was buckled, is the body guy fixing that too? i say 86 actually. i feel like with 2 fox body mustangs you can make one work as of right now, then you have another one (whether it be the 86 or the ssp) to work on in your spare time. i think that deal with the 86 is really good to not take. even thoguh it is really far away.
  14. I think you got a great opp to make your couple a great car. Its all torn apart and you can weld up the engine bay etc.. Besides, its YOUR coupe and i'm sure it has some personal value to you. If i wrecked my car i would fix it even if it was cheaper to buy another one. Your coupe looks like its got nice paint, interior etc... I'd say keep the coupe and build a monster.

    Edit: By looking at the '86. The car seems rough, you'd need a hood and maybe a front bumper cause its an lx? You'd need a paint job for sure.(5k) Keep in mind its more spending to restore a 85-86 mustang then your coupe. The interior is red and doesn't look all to great. With your coupe you got Mass Air, nice interior, the new headlights body trim moldings, quarter windows. You starting a whole new deal with that '86. I think your better off with your coupe.
  15. fix the coupe man...
  16. lol, I love that comment, yes it does need paint!! hell he wrecked it!!!

    bk, well work on the coupe after I get all the 5.0 crap in my 4 banger hatch, im getting it this week hopefully, and my e7's are now fully ported beautifulness right now, should haul pretty well, oh yeah i need that e-cam of yours, and the engine stand btw........
  17. Personally, I'd fix the coupe.
  18. i agree if it was me id fix your car to! not that the offer for the other car wasn't good it is and your luck to have that offered to you! but if it was me id fix your car! :nice: good luck man it looks like a nice ride , with a lil time and effort it will look just as good again! James
  19. honestly, i think it'd look sick, that 86 with a nice new drivetrain and 5 lug kickin ass looking like that:nice: i'd keep the coupe around for future plans man, especially if money's tight right now