YOU'RE a part of this so help me decide

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  1. If I was in the same position, I'd fix my car. Whatever choice you make, I'm with ya mang. :nice:
  2. I agree... The guy who offered that '86 hatch to you is very generous. Sounds like a nice guy. Although, not to turn his offer down or anything. As it is a very good offer. But i think i'd fix your car man. That '86 would need a TON of work to get it looking/going good.
  3. Fix the notch. It already runs good and doesnt need mechanical work or a complete overhaul.
    The '86 looks rough and could be a potential money pit (actually all these cars are though).
  4. i dont know if your still dd-less right now, but the 86 will be faster and easier to get into that kind of duty. for the time being, i'd take the 86 and just save and work on the coupe as a side thing, that way you can put more into it to make it right the first time.
  5. Let them fix your coupe and build a 351 cubed monster out of the 86
  6. I agree with others that the 86 is rough (don't get me wrong, it was a very generous offer that was made to give you the car).

    I also am not a fan of fixing cars that were hit hard like yours.

    Here's my two cents...
    Even though the 86 is "free", it's going to cost you 600 to get it. Have you been shopping around for another 4-cyl donor car that might already be in better shape? I still think you could find another fox stang for under 1,000 that wouldn't need anything but the driveline you already have.
  7. Thats what I told him on the phone last night. Im not a fan of a long drive. I found a car I would love to have but its four hours from me. I don't want to go get it.
  8. That's a tough decision. If the coupe is salvagable I'd go that route
  9. This is a TIME vs MONEY debate. If you have lots of time then the '86 is the best route. If you have the money then the coupe is the obvious choice. Just my $.02
  10. yeah dude what are you doing to come back from this. cause you were in this accident also weren't you?

    did you pick up a 4 banger?
  11. BK, your coupe is too nice, just fix it. The heck with that 86. You put your parts on it, and you have a 4cyl red hatchback that isn't worth nearly as much as your coupe. And you still need a paint job...that 86 is a heap. Fix your coupe bro.
  12. yeah I was, Im thinkin about a 4 banger hatch down the road, but I really dont have the time anymore to convert it over, 3 days a week I wake up at 7:00am and get home at 10:00pm, so I just need reliable transit right now, I want to get a lightning, but the payments and insurance and gas would obliterate me right now, so im back looking for a half ass decent fox, which I really dont want, all the ones around here have been carbed, ex. 4 banger units, that have been rigged, or really messed up bodys, or just ragged out, my notch and a guys 7 up stang in town are about the nicest ones around here, my vert was really nice, before it got ****ed, and keiths car was getting there pretty fast as well, but I really cant complain I driving the notch right now, its absolutely perfect with 33k on the clock, everythings original but the exhaust and the tires, the other guys 7up car has around 35k on it right now..... I really want to get another sn95, they ride better and are just alot more civil than a fox in my eyes....
  13. I have been watching this thread, BK, what part of Indiana is the 86 model in?? Also, where are you located?? I may be able to help you out on getting the car to you. As well I agree with some others, save the coupe, especially since it is a SSP car, I am partial to them!
  14. Car is in new castle,in 47362
  15. fivespeedsteed : i thought it was but after he looked at it he said it was an intentional crimp from the factory so the floor pan wouldnt flex. a mistake made on my part. thats why i was ready to abandoned it.

    ttop88 : i will call you tonight.

    1993ssp: if you could get it to me i could use some of the donation money to help you with gas/ fuel. :nice: and i am in thomasville GA 31792

    Everyone else : thanks for all the opinions. and DAGGAR if you could attach a pole to this baby and lets see what the verdict is. but thanks everyone one for the support. and i dont see where i would have any issues with it after the core support and apron swap.
  16. If I was in your shoes and had options, I would fix your coupe. I looked at your pics and I agree with the others once the motor is out, and the other stuff it is do able. your body lines are still good on both sides, and no buckles in the roof. once they start pulling she will go right back into shape :nice: . no worries. I would ask to look at the guys other work and check his rep if you don't know him though, I'd pay a little more for some one real good,you don't want a hack, again if you don't know him.

    Best of luck.
  17. i know him ral well. my father built his house and i have seen alot of his work. he drives a 96 z71 that was messed up bad but he fixed it and you cant tell it was ever hurt.
  18. I say fix the coupe and buy the 86' and build a drag car!:shrug:
  19. even better, no question then, you have a body guy you know who will do the job at a reasonable price, a salvagable mustang that all pretty much agree is a real beauty and you should save.....let the rebirth begin!!
  20. Seems to me like a case of someone looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    I wish someone had offered to give me a free car when my '87 Firebird Formula got destroyed by some ignorant out-of-state old fart in a Saturn pulling a totally illegal U-turn in front of me, and I was slaving away for $7.50/hour. :( You've got a golden opportunity here ... and now you're second-guessing it? :nono:

    Dude ... it's a free four-eyed Fox. People even donated money to help you obtain the thing. Stick with Plan A. Make it work, if need be. Things will change, you'll be in a better position to do different things later on, and THEN you can either fix up your SSP, fix the four-eye, or transfer your goodies into a completely different car, altogether. With a second Fox, you have more options; sticking with just the notch, not only do you limit your future choices, but you're also kind of snubbing the folks who've tried to help you.

    Just my take on it. It's your call. :shrug: